Life beyond bowel cancer


Clear Scan and a life change

Hi everyone, Ive been away for ages, so thought I would have a look in and see whats occuring, lots of new people , getting sound support and love... great to see...
So, Im so far so good, just had my 18 month CT Scan, and its clear, CEA is 1, originally I was stage 3 with 7/21 lymph nodes having cancer...oh the joys eh... well, this cancer malarkey certainly gives you the biggest kick ever doesnt it, the immense fear of not knowing, the fear of impending doom, lack of control, you know where im coming from dont you?
What that fear did for me was make me realise I was actually, one day going to die, (because I think we all secretly think we will live forever, or is that just me) I also decided it wasn't cancer that was going to see me out too...
I sold my little business, rented out my house, and myself and my 14 year old daughter, 4 dogs, 2 horses, 13 chickens moved to the Charente area of France....I will never be rich, (it was trying to be rich that nearly killed me), I get by, but my smile rarely leaves my face..... the only good thing this cancer did for me was make me realise life really is too short to waste.... while I returned to the UK for my scan last week, I went to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Casino Royale , the sountrack played live by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, missed my train home, 80 miles away..who cares...jumped on a bus, winged it..! .when Im in the Uk , we live in my old camper with a woodburner....and I LOVE IT...! blessings to one and all :x::x::x:

Pixie O

Fabulous, I loves a positive post ♥️


Wonderful news and well done you for being brave enough to make such a major lifestyle change! Bravo :x::x::x:


That’s great @Mistyalpine what a relief! And how lovely to be able to live the dream. With very best wishes 🌟🌟🌟


How wonderful. deserve a lovely future in France...lots of love.:x::x:


Hi @Mistyalpine I have just read out your posts to my husband who is coming up to his 6 month post op scans and scanxiety is kicking in. Hearing your story has given him a boost so thanks for that. It sounds like you are making the most of your life, good for you. I hope you’re successful with your desired move to France. Sending love
Elaine :x::x:


Bless ....Keep looking forward


Brilliant!!! So pleased for you @Mistyalpine :x::x:


Hi @Mistyalpine Glad to read you’re update and that you’re nearly 3 years clear. As you know, I was also a stage 3c, just a few months behind you. Good that you went for 3 monthly scans......I’m stuck with annual CTs, but do get 3 monthly bloods.
France sounds great......wish you all the best for the ‘good life’!

island girl

@Mistyalpine what fantastic news, have a great life in France 💖 :x::x:


Hi @Mistyalpine fantastic news I am so pleased for you and excited for your future, it sounds perfect and having read your journey I’m full of admiration for you. My OH is 3c and we are still in the first 6 months of chemo, you give me hope and I pray we have as good an outcome. Wishing you continued good health and happiness :x::x:


Hi @Mistyalpine just catching up on your brilliant news, so happy for you and your family. we will be having our next scans at the same time, and mine have now gone to every 6 months. Finding it a bit scary as I've been used to every 3 months, the same as you. My blood tests are now every 12 months, how often are you having them? love Diane :x::x::x::x::x:

terri m

Great news @Mistyalpine .. I was stage 3c.. Only allowed yearly scans though. & I was high risk. I had to ask for 3 monthly bloods has they only were only going to do them 6 monthly .. Have to be your own advocate for own health these days.. It does pay off though... You have come along way & wishing you every happiness & health in years ahead :x::x::x:


Hi @Mistyalpine marvellous post..........blessings to you too. hugs :x:



What a wonderful inspiring post and I am so glad that you have had another clear scan and now can completely move on and get on with life. Hope you have a fab time and please come back to visit once in a while. Lots of Love, Tiffany :x:


It is lovely to read your update My husband has just finished his bowel cancer journey and we have no more appointments till April
Its been very peculiar not having constant trips to the hospital...we have both felt a bit flat / strangely abandoned...I suppose after the constant support from the lovely staff at our cancer unit we may be feeling abandoned ...
We should be ecstatic The Operations Have removed the cancer The Colostomy is really easy to cope with ..
We have spoken to our cancer support counsellor and been reassured that we are “normal” but I feel like once you have had cancer you may never feel totally back to normal ...whatever normal is ?
Cath :x::x:


Just read your latest update, fabulous news. :x::x::x:


Hi everyone, just thought Id check in, to the folks that ask about frequency of scans and bloods... @DianeS im having the bloods every 6 months at the same time as the scan. And to the other questions.. I have been lucky enough to be covered for private health care with BUPA and theyve been amazing (keep putting the price of cover up though so eventually itll be not happening as I cant work now, so paying premiums is very difficult) . So I have been able to ask for more frequent scans when my anxiety got the better of me... Keep on keeping on, medical science , the good oncologists, the surgeons, the nurses, everyone has your back...everyone! Until I was diagnosed with cancer I was rather sceptical of the medical profession (my GPs were worse than useless in failing to notice or act upon my 2 out of 5 red flag symptoms, but that is a matter for the courts now) the last 3 years I have been cradled and held, cocooned almost, by the most caring wonderful people, and also, on this forum, people nursed me through my darkest of days, and some of those days were very dark indeed. I will keep popping in and im sure i will have scares again... Love and light to you all :x::x:


@Mistyalpine What a lovely post. 🤗 Lots of love and best wishes to you and I love your zest for life and for living the life you wanted and achieved. :x:


So great to hear your lovely story @Mistyalpine ! You inspire us (well, me at least!). May be time to put the house on the market, I think...