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Any advice?

Hello !
My husband found out a week ago he has a tumour in his bowel, 3 days after finding out he had to go to a and e, his bowel had perforated. He had emergency surgery that day to remove the tumour, it had gone through the bowel lining. He has come out the other side with a stoma bag (as if cancer wasn't bad enough), but is just starting to get his head round it. It has been a crazy 10 days. We hear from the surgeon and oncologist tomoro with his results.
Anyone been through anything similar? I know every ones is different.
I feel like it has all happened so quickly.

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Good evening and welcome to the forum @mrsm .
Gosh, what a lot has happened for you in the past week, you must be reeling?
My husband's situation wasn't quite as dramatic as this but he DID have to come to terms with the cancer/colostomy thing, with a bit of chemotherapy thrown in for good measure.
We call it the Three C's and yes, it's a lot to take in.

I'm sure others will be along shortly, whose experience has been almost identical to yours.
But I just want to say, try and prepare yourself for tomorrow's meeting, if you can.
I know you are shocked and disorientated but try to think of just a couple of questions you'd like to ask. And make sure you ask them, write down the answers if necessary.
These meetings can go in a flash if you aren't ready for them, and you can come away little wiser than when you started.

On the plus side, at least the tumour has been removed, traumatic though the circumstances were. Surgery is THE first line defence against cancer, so you have that one tucked under your belt already.

Slowly, slowly ... one day at a time. That's how you approach this.
Not looking too far ahead.

And we are all here for any questions you might have about anything at all.
Good luck with tomorrow's appointment and do let us know how it goes?
Hang in there, you're doing great!


Yes I went through something similar - details on my profile, just click my name and it will take you there. It was very quick, one minute I was moving house, the next I was in A & E. I narrowly avoided bowel perforation but it was still quite grim; open surgery, and I was devastated to wake up with a colostomy.
Fortunately for me there was no lymph node involvement so I was advised to have 'adjuvant' chemo, a belt and braces approach which means that although the cancer has been removed and there appears to be no spread, a few doses of chemo might just give you a few more percentage points of protection, and I was deemed young and fit enough (53!) to tolerate and and benefit from it. That started 7 weeks after surgery, from which I made a good recovery. It wasn't pleasant but I managed. A year on, I have just had the first stage of stoma reversal and think I am still cancer-free.
I received my diagnosis more than 3 weeks after surgery and was told by a colo-rectal nurse. She advised that several appointments had already been set up for me with oncology and surgical follow-up. This was really helpful and reassuring as I wasn't just sent away thinking 'what next'. Your treatment plan will be unique to you, and once this is in place, everything just sort of flows along. Somehow, you just cope with it all.
There will be good days and bad days. The initial shock and then a myriad of different emotions may be overwhelming, and you are right, everyone is different. Whatever the full diagnosis for your husband, there will be others on here who have been through similar and who will be able to advise, sympathise, empathise, and generally offer lots of love and support. I have found this site a Godsend.
I wish you and your husband all the best as you embark upon the journey that everybody dreads (cliche alert!). We are all here for you. Sending lots of love. :x::x::x::x::x:


Thank you both. This forum is obviously a lifeline for people. We are being told everything by phone! So we are waiting for the call :x:


Good evening @mrsm and a very warm welcome to the forum from me too! My story is a little different to yours but as the others have said, I'm sure you will hear from others very soon willing to share their experiences. Hope tomorrow goes ok when you hear the results. Will you let us know how you go? Sending lots of good wishes and hugs, K ????❤️


Hi mrsm. Same thing happened to me. I saw a colorectal surgeon on Thursday, colonoscopy Sunday and collapsed the same evening and had surgery on the following Wednesday. I came out with temp ileostomy and you are in a state of shock and disbelief really for some time. I also had sepsis due to the abscess under the tumour which burst so wasnt too great either. While I was in hospital my surgeon kept me upto date and also suggested the belt and braces chemo, so you and your husband are not alone in this experience. Dont be daunted by the thought of chemo - for some it goes ok and you dont always get to hear the positives. this forum is great for people to share these. Good luck and healing wishes to you both. :x:


Hi @mrsm similar thing happened to me had various testing and got a phonecall late one friday night to say get to hospital as my bowel perforated. as i was reasonably well they scheduled surgerynfor the monday. i was told in the nurses office i had a large bowel tumour with growths on liver and lungs and was for palliative care only as the tumour couldnt be removed, fter surgery i now have stoma i hated it to begin with but now i think having the surgery has saved my life and it certainly helps with coping with some of the chemo side effects. it just takes a little getying used to. im now on session 11 of 12 chemo after 4 sessions my rescan showed some shrinkage and improvement in bloods, its not been as bad as i thought. so try not be too daunted by it. write down any questions for the professionals. i found the colorectal nurses great and very supportive. this forum is great for support and advice and no question is too silly to ask. the macmillan website is also very informative. i was advised to not google anything just use the bowel cancer and Macmillan website for information. its very scary but its ok to be scared. its good everything is happening quickly and there is no delay in treatment but get as much information as possible, try and avoid looking at statistics as they are outdated and people on here are proving that. positive thinking is the key and i found trying to keep everything as normal as possible helps me cope and seems to help my children. let us know how appt goes and keep in touch :x::x:


We just got a call from surgeon he has checked histology twice and there's no sign of cancer ! We are in total shock


@mrsm wow that's great news ???


OMG! That's just the best news ever @mrsm!!! Time to celebrate!! I'm delighted for you both! K ????❤️


Fantastic news @mrsm. So happy for you both ☺️ :x::x:


What a rollercoaster. My god I realise from your stories how lucky we are. Sending much love to you all, you are all bloody heroes! We only had to endure this for 3 weeks, your experiences are so long and I don't know how you all do it. I'm an emotional physical mess. Best of luck to you all

Quote from @Baxter2:
OMG! That's just the best news ever @mrsm!!! Time to celebrate!! I'm delighted for you both! K ????❤️

Have an amazing holiday. You are incredible.


Great news, so pleased for you both. :x::x:


Thank you @mrsm. I will! Why not book one yourself if you can? Life is for living! K ????❤️


Holy Crap @mrsm ! I'm so unbelievably happy for you and your husband! What a terrible time you have had but what an outstanding outcome! Much love to you both :x::x:


@mrsm, that is amazing news :) So pleased for you both :x::x::x:


@mrsm that is incredible news!!!! big celebrations all round when hubby is up to it!!! :x::x:


@mrsm what fantastic news, you must be so relieved. Love and best wishes :) :x::x::x::x::x:


Wow..Great news?.Certainly didn't expect that after your initial post,but I,m delighted for you both :x:


Wow I've just read what your poor hubby has been through, but what fantastic news. So pleased for you both :x::x::x::x: