Stage 4 bowel cancer

Jacey Connell 74

To my fellow Stage 4ers. Advice needed

Hi All

I have my scan results tomorrow. So far my last two scans have shown progression. And my health has deteriorated lately not sure if cancer related or hiatus hernia. I am thinking of it has progressed then I will be going onto second line chemo which is fine but what I have been thinking side effects have really built up and last chemo knocked me out for 7 days. No quality of life. I am going to ask oncologist if I could have chemo every three weeks? How many of you do this on maintainance or palliative chemo? Any advice would be much appreciated :x::x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74

Great news on shrinkage hope hiatus hernia gets resolved. They may give esomeprazole, gaviscon and ranitidine together. Hope all goes well :x::x::x:


So pleased to read about the shrinkage, hope you get some relief from the pain soon.Big hugs :x::x:


So relieved for you @Jacey Connell 74 I do hope you can get control of the hernia pain now, although the reduction in stress should help.

Lots of love and good wishes.


@Jacey Connell 74 this has really made my day! Fantastic news and long may it continue. I hope you manage to find some relief for the hernia pain too. lots of love ? :x::x:

springer michelle

So pleased things are shrinking well done :x::x:


Yeh good news excellent. :x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

Thank you all for your kind words. On lots of medication now to help with the hernia. Fingers crossed it will help. 3 more chemo then a nice break for Christmas with family :x::x:


Really pleased to hear about the shrinkage. Hope they sort the hernia pain soon :x::x:


Good morning @Jacey Connell 74 I'm just curious, what surgery was offered to you and what were your reasons for declining g it? Sending best wishes, K ????❤️

Jacey Connell 74

Hi @Baxter2 I was offered surgery to fix my hiatus hernia. But after discussing with gastro consultant I declined as it would be open surgery. I would rather have medication and put up with symptoms. Gets very painful and sometimes difficult to swallow :x::x:


I take omeprozole for my hiatus hernia. Hope they find something that works for you :x::x:

Bear G

What a fab surprise @Jacey Connell 74
So pleased

Kathy L

I too take omeperazole for my hiatus hernia and "top up" with Gavascon when needed. Don't think I would like surgery even if it was offered.
I find that I can control the reflux with diet. In my case by omitting bread, bananas, potatoes helps enormously. However, I can't always resist fresh crusty bread and butter......that's when the Gaviscon comes in handy. I don't lift heavy things and bought a long handled dustpan and brush, so no bending. Doctors advice to lose weight.! Yer right!
Hope you can find what works for you. :x: