Stage 4 bowel cancer


Update: We have a date for surgery

So hubby has been doing fantastically well, he`s tolerated chemo brilliantly, still going to work on his good week, hes just completed cycle 5. Definitely seeing side effects ramping up now tho, esp the fatigue.
We saw his negative local Onc this week and even she could not be negative, she said he was doing so well, looking well, and all his blood results show that chemo is working well in her opinion. His CEA has dropped from 68 to 20.
So our Onc said we better get surgery booked in, so we now have a date for an open lung resection for the 9th of November!!!!! Scared but very happy!!! :x::x::x:

Lady GT

Wow, lots of great news here @charleyb . I'm so glad that things are moving in the right direction for you and that hubby is doing so well.
Scared but happy sounds about right!


That is fantastic news @charleyb ,
Lots of love and hugs to you all
Tracey :x::x::x::x:


Brilliant news @charleyb ! Not long now! X????❤️


@Baxter2 i know its only a few weeks away. We still need the scan results and that will determine the length of radiotherapy to the bowel, but very pleased we have a date to aim towards.
Thankyou @Lady GT and @sweetcheeks our local negative Onc is never positive, so for her to be so sure that everything is going well shocked both of us! :x::x::x:


Fantastic news, so pleased hubby has knocked the negative consultant off her perch ?


Great news @charleyb We're with you all the way. :x::x::x:


@charleyb that's really positive news and as you say something to aim for . :x::x:


@charleyb great news :x::x::x:


Oh @charleyb this is really great news, he is doing so well. I’m having the same a couple of weeks after your hubby, so bring them on ?.
Love to you both :x::x:


Excellent news @charleyb :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @charleyb am thrilled for you, well done you both and well done you beautiful chemo!! :x::x:


@charleyb Love your news, it has made my day. :x::x::x:


@charleyb , so glad she has been positive!! , that's what we all need , you must be so pleased especially as you originally thought it would be early next year!!
Will be thinking of you , Geoff has an appointment the day before for his next Cea results and hopefully seeing surgeon!! After 6 months!!
The very best of luck look forward to hearing more good news!!!
Isn't it strange how our lives and perspectives have changed so much!!!!! And how what is important to is now!!! I
Luvnhugs as always


Sounds like your hubby is doing so well.Love and hugs :x::x:


Hi @charleyb

Great +ve news. Good luck with op :x::x::x:

Quote from @mem:
Oh @charleyb this is really great news, he is doing so well. I’m having the same a couple of weeks after your hubby, so bring them on ?.
Love to you both

Awe thanks Mem, fingers crossed both goes smoothly!! The surgeon said that t should be quite straight forward and will literally only affect hubby a fraction in terms of fitness. Its so amazing what they can do!! :x::x:

Quote from @eyeofthetiger:
@charleyb Love your news, it has made my day.

It made mine too!!!! Hope you are doing well :x::x::x:


Thankyou so much everyone, you are all so blimin brilliant and supportive!!! :x::x::x::x:


Wow that's fantastic news!! Yay go your hubby!! ??? :x::x::x:


Awe i love your new piccie Sarah @Fighting4hubs !!! Hope you are all well, and the new addition!!! :x::x::x: