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Chest pain on Capox

Well here I am in a and e again. I've had some very small chest twinges over the last few weeks then today a big pain for about 40 seconds. I called the chemo team and they said to come straight in. They don't seem too concerned here but have done ecg, bloods, blood pressure, temp. Just waiting for results. Spend half my life in hospital these days. Anyone else experienced similar on Capox?


Hi @Swanseacat yes I spent the night in A & E last week for the same thing turns out to be dehydration??? Hope it's something as simple as this for you and you get back home soon. Big hugs :x::x:


Hi @Swanseacat

I had this with Capox on more than one occasion. One of the times, I called the chemo treatment line and had to go in to hospital for a check. I had ecg and bloods etc but nothing found so got to go home. I hope all turns out ok for you! K ????❤️


Thank you @Clairelou @Baxter2 doesn't sound like it's anything sinister so far so maybe dehydration will be it. I certainly find it hard to drink much in first few days post chemo so would be surprised. Fingers crossed I'll be home for dinner soon :) :x::x:


Hi @Swanseacat

Yes it was bloody awful, but like you went to A&E turned out as laryngeal/oesophageal spasm. I learned to manage it by siting down remained calm drank some warm water and sucked on a gaviscon tablets. I now use this and it works every time.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @Swanseacat, Before my treatment I had to have a heart stress test which showed no problems, they actually said I Was quite fit. Not bad for a 60 year old. I am on oxalipatin and 5fu. On cycle 2 I had chest pains which went on for some time. I was also getting out of breath easily. When I saw my Oncologist she sent me straight to A & E when I mentioned chest pains, with a few choice words. I had all the tests X-ray, blood tests ecg. Nothing untoward was found. My oncologist reduced my 5fu by 25% and all seems ok. I previously went to A &E with chest pains again before the cancer and they done all the tests and I also had a ultrasound, they put the pain down to air pushing on my organs. I have noticed that If I have some wind I still get this pain so tend to ignore it all now. some people will tell me off for this.Hope you feel better soon. :x::x::x::x:


I had a heavy chest but no pain. The ECG was all ok. Hope your ok. :x:


Thanks all, all the tests came back clear, the doc thinks it's probably some sort of muscular reaction to the chemo. The joys of it all eh?! One more cycle to go after this. Limping to the (temporary) finish line!! :x::x:

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Glad to hear all was OK @Swanseacat :x::x:


They phoned me back today and advised me to stop the Cap tablets for the weekend. Can't say I'm that sorry!!!!


I don't think I would be sorry either @Swanseacat ???:x::x: