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Not a very nice CT scan experience !

Hi forumites,
Just thought I would post my very recent experience of my CT scan and it's after effects in the hope it will help others in the future.I couldn't find anything really that had the same symptoms and I found there was very little here or google world ? that drew comparison.
Bear in mind I have had a previous CT scan and it was the easiest thing medically I have ever experienced.Not that I had much medical history; even my oncologist said he had never picked up an empty NHS file before and he must be at least 60.
Anyways and in the hope it will someday help calm someone down here goes.
Turn up and have a CT scan with contrast for my radiotherapy.So far so good..a dodle.
A few hours later..feeling a bit itchy...face , neck and chest a bit red...fair google said mild reactions.
By late evening all of the above body parts were distinctly red accompanied by a throbbing head without a literally felt like a severe case of sunburn/heatstroke.
So I,m thinking..this can,t be anything to do the contrast or else all of my body would be the same..Seriously started to think I have radiation poisoning! Who do you call at midnight? with sunburn?
Anyways,after an hour of cold cloth treatment the pounding head calmed down and I was able to get a couple of hours sleep.
Much better in the morning..still looking a bit redder than usual...but after my chemo check up at hospital the blood tests/blood pressure were all champion.Also the cooler I felt a very mild rash seemed to develop on my body generally...bizarre.
Nurse and nameless doctor who I never saw seem to think it was the contrast dye.
Hope this helps anyone in the future...I have had no previous allergies or conditions.


Very interesting @RT54 ....and lots of sympathy!

I had a recent ct scan and, for the 1st time, was relaxed enough to Sept there had been NO allergic reactions that year and the previous year there had only been ONE! And this is 2 scanners working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hope you feel 'special!'


Hi @Lizalou not special at all...I think the procedure is well known for being totally painless I couldn't believe my experience/side effects.But when I looked for similar reactions on the net I couldn't find any solace.Maybes I was just unlucky..I don,t know.
But I hope others might find this useful whether it be one week or 5 years down the line.


Hi @RT54, A couple of days after my CT scan I developed a rash around site the contrast was injected. Nothing serious, just a bit itchy. However, it persisted for several days but some relief achieved with antihistamines. Thought it may have been the tape used but never had any reaction before to this.

Polly 1

Thanks for highlighting this @RT54


Hi @chris61 @Polly 1thanks for your input.We are all fighting the same cause...Just don,t want standards to drop from diagnosis to demolishing this awful disease