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Bad news today

Hi I joined the group tonight after our mam told us today she has bowel cancer, she has app for CT scan this Friday and thats about as much as i know. Ive cried for about 9 hours straight ! I feel lost in it all. Will she find out on friday the extent of it or will it be a case of waiting for results ? We are so very very close,


Hi @joflo74 and welcome to this lovely forum! The early days and weeks are just awful and we all understand as have all been there! There are so many scary thoughts and questions whizzing round your head that it's hard to think of anything else. There are a number of downloadable booklets and factsheets you may find useful on the beating bowel cancer site. In the meantime, try to keep busy until the full picture is known and a treatment plan is in place. I'm sure you'll find the forum very friendly and supportive. It's been a godsend for many of us! K????❤️


Hi @Joflo so sorry to hear about your mum and totally understand how you are feeling at this moment to all to much to take on board at first , right now your heads all over the place first and foremost is the scans once these are done it usually takes up to 2 weeks for all results to get back especially in the beginning but don't quote me. . This forum is fantastic for guidance and support no doubt someone with more information will be along soon to guide you, all I can say at the moment is things do get better once everything is put in place trust me and please don't Google we all have at one point especially me in the beginning made myself ill with worry but now know that 99% of information is out of date if you want advice this is the best place for it . Take care sending you big hugs :x::x::x::x:


Welcome to the forum @joflo74. I'm sorry you find yourself here, but you will have a lot of support from the lovely folk on the forum.
The CT scan is on Friday, and then there will be a wait for the results. I imagine that as your mum already knows she has cancer that some other investigations must have been done, perhaps a colonoscopy? While you wait a team of specialists will look at all your mum's test and scans and will come up with a treatment plan and they will tell your mum at her next appointment. This could take up to 3 weeks, so don't worry at the delay, it is quite normal.
This is the worst time - waiting, wondering and letting your imagination run riot!
I know it's almost impossible, but do try not to anticipate what will happen. Use the time to do things with your mum that she loves doing, try to,keep busy and occupied.
Let us know when you have a plan and we will help,all we can.
Live :x::x:


Hi @joflo74 as the others have said, the first few weeks waiting for a treatment plan are the toughest. It is ok to cry, in fact I think it is essential to let it out. Then get your big girl pants on and be there for your Mam. It is so tough to have to tell your family, she will be relieved to have done it but she'll also feel guilty to have burdened you with it too. For the next few weeks, try to keep busy, do fun things or practical things (a good clear out is often recommended!) When I was diagnosed there were endless appointments for scans, clinics etc. It helps to get organised beforehand, a ring binder for letters, a diary for appointments, a note book for questions which come to you in the middle of the night, a list of contact numbers for your Mam's team. If you concentrate on practical things it really does help and when you have questions, this forum is so supportive. You can do this joflo. :x:


@joflo74 You've been given some very good advice above. Just adding my 'Hello' and sending you strengthening vibes for the weeks ahead while you wait for things to become clear. :x::x::x:


Thanks ever so much Ladies, my mam is so strong, she came in told us its not good news its cancer and was ever so matterfact about it all, told us she didnt want any fuss or crying, and we carry on like normal. I feel like i cant even think , like my head is stuffted with cotton wool.
Ive had fibromyalgia for 12 year and had to pack my business in 7 year ago, Ive spent every day with my mam she has been a huge help , she is my best friend.


Hi @joflo74 , bless you I remember vividly when they told us my husband had cancer, and that feeling will never leave , as hard as it seems at the moment, you will adapt to the new normal , and once a treatment plan is in place ,these guys have covered all the essentials, click on our profile for more info,
Have plenty of hugs and hug plenty, try and take each day as it comes, and avoid google ,
Best of luck
Much love


Thanks , we got some info back from the camera screening it showed tumor on the left side of the sigmoid . CT scan was last friday so we hoping to hear about mams app and more detail plus a plan for treatment asap. Its like a black cloud over us all , Im 43 and saw my dad cry for the first time at the weekend. I still not able to get my head round it all. :x: