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Operation and induced coma ..

So uncle Charlie went in for his op on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately all didn't go as planned. They removed the scar tissue but also found that part of the bowel had twisted and go infected - they had to make a new stoma. In terms of the actual operation, it went well and they were happy with that. Fast forward Friday evening and he had a really bad night. His heart rate was all over the place and they couldn't get a blood pressure reading. They said that they had the crash bed in there for him something they don't normally do in intensive care apparently! So we were notified yesterday morning, they couldn't make his heart rate stable and that he was deteriorating quickly. We were asked to come in to his bedside. The stuff they were using just wasn't working and said 'his heart rate is not sustainable for life'. Since then, they have tried something different and have stablised his blood pressure to a certain degree but his heart rate is still all over the shop. They thought that he had had a heart attack but have since confirmed this is not the case. They have said there's a tiny bit of improvement. I'm absolutely heartbroken as you all can imagine, I'm really not sure what the outcome is going to be. But I just wanted to say thank you for all your kind messages, idk what I'd do without this forum sometimes :x::x:


I’m so sorry to read your update @Sophie. I really hope the improvement continues as the days go on ?. Big hug and love your way :x::x:


Love and strength be with him and say all what you need to say xxxxx and prey he will pull through and get this behind him


Love and hugs @Sophie to you all. :x::x:


Hi @Sophie so sorry to hear about this, we are all thinking of you and hope things settle down as soon as possible, lots of hugs :x::x:


What we know today is that he's still very poorly but they've actually started to bring him round ... I've come back for some lunch but my aunty said he's mumbling and squeezing her hand! They're going to wait a. It to see if he's stable enough to have the ventilator out. Who knows what's going to happen but this time yesterday we thought we wouldn't have him today, especially not wakin. Up :x::x:


@Sophie glad there is some improvement and he in the best possible place and with what looks like a great team looking after him . Hugs :x::x:


Hi @Sophie Charlie and your family have been put through the ringer. Happy to hear about the improvement and hope all goes even better :x::x::x:

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Thinking of you. :x::x:


@Sophie, so sorry to hear that Uncle Charlie is so poorly. Thinking of you all and hoping that he can get through this.
Hugs and strength to you :x::x::x:


We've just been to see him. He's squeezing my hand, trying to talk, laughing. Nurse said he's a star patient. Obviously we're not out the woods yet but I just can't believe it :x::x:


Oh @Sophie hoping and praying for better news as the day goes on ! :x::x:


@Sophie well that's good news . Love and hugs to you and your family ???:x::x:

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Sending heaps of love and good wishes @Sophie :x::x:


@Sophie Hope your uncle continues to make progress. Sending you all my prayers and good wishes :x::x:


Hi @Sophie. Hope progress continues well. What a fighter. Hugs to you @Sophie .. Bridget :x::x:


Soon he seems to be making progress. They sedated him last night and weren't happy with his oxygen levels but has since been awake and they've taken him off the ventilator which is really good. He has however banned me from going in, which is really heartbreaking as he's letting everyone else visit .. but he told my cousin it was because he didn't want me to see him like that. I understand and need to respect that but am desperate to see him. Hopefully he mellows in the next couple of days because all I want to do is see him after this traumatic time :x::x:


Thankfully your uncle is improving slowly.Sending you prayers and good wishes :x::x:


I hope your uncle is recovering and that you may be able to see him soon. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.



Great stuff - sounds like he's on the mend now.

Incidentally, I banned all visiting whilst in hospital, though my wife insisted around day 5 when I was walking and needed some decent tea bags.