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Bowel movement

Hi dave is coming to the end of first cycle capox and done well on it with regards to side effects. He has just said he has not been to loo for 2 days! Is this ok? :x:


@daveswife, I haven’t had capox so don’t know specifics for that, I’m sure someone will know whether it can have that effect. I was told that if I got to three days and hadn’t been that I had to let the unit know. Might be worth asking tomorrow if still no action.
Glad things are going well
Take care, Jane :x::x:


Hi @daveswife. Again didn't have capos but on chemo. Suggest you call chemo unit or one of the nurses on the forum first thing. Chemo can make you constipated in my experience. I would think one of the nurses on this forum would be the best bet initially. Good luck and well done for getting through cycle 1. Bridget :x:


Hi @daveswife. If I remember rightly I also struggled to ‘go’ in the early days of Capox. It took me a good week and when I did it was like a rock (sorry for the to much info). You almost expect the opposite don’t you? I put weight on with Capox too! Perhaps ring Dave’s chemo unit for reassurance and advice if he is starting to feel uncomfortable. Or as Bridgett55 has suggested, contact the nurses on our forum:
Tel 020 8973 0011 or email:
Love to you both :x::x:


Thanks everyone ,hes not uncomfortable im just trying to avoid further problems. Ill give him till tea time then get advice. He is not very forthcoming with how he is. :x:


Hi @daveswife

Yes capox constipated me quite a bit alternating with some loose bowel movements, I used movicol, plenty water and being as mobile as possible :x::x::x: