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I'm free for a week - PICC line ?

So after a really bad 10 days post capox cycle four . I discovered that the district nurses had not been as careful whilst redressing my PICC line , they were a bit rough with the sticky dressings at times . To the extent that it had come out during the last two flushes and redressing by 6cm . I phoned my chemo unit and as I was due to attend the next day for a CT scan they said to pop in and see them . So CT scan showed it was no longer in the right place , which explains why the district nurse couldn't draw blood .So it's been taken out and a new one put in this week on my chemo day .It is as I good to be free of it , even if only for a week . Just having a proper bath and shower makes such a difference , and my skin surrounding where it was is as I dry and I can concentrate on exfoliating it and moisturising . It is surprising how easily I can be pleased ??


Hi @Meezermum, they say it’s the little things that count! Sorry to hear about the district nurses, there are good and not so good ones! Enjoy your freedom whilst it lasts

My husband is having his PICC line on Thursday! I will be watching our District nurses if they have to visit, I hope the hospital will do it! :x::x::x:


@Meezermum understand this, convinced my onc to take mine out for a few weeks whilst I had a break. It's been lovely, don't want it back!


My advice re Picc Lines is db check if you need a db port make sure that is what is fitted. If it needs to be flushed and changed within 24 hours and then weekly. Who will do it/ Who will make the appts. Gentle but polite and clear don't leave to chance or unclear info xxx lawsey


I was a pain in the neck every time I had my PICC line flushed or dressed (36 times?) Every time they yanked it or twisted it and every time I moaned and insisted it was done properly. But I never actually had problems with it working, so now I feel justified.

Anyway, enjoy your little holiday @Meerzermum


Enjoy that bath @Meezermum :x::x::x:


Hi @charleyb @Lizalou @Lawsey @Caraeliz24 @LynneW . It has been so liberating without it , but I know it's a less painful way of having my drugs . Lizalou that was a huge amount of times to have it flushed . You would have thought they would have got the hang of it ! . Lynne I can have it flushed at the hospital , but it's a 50 mile round trip , so I've got the district nurses coming in , but I will be a lot firmer with them on the next visit . New one in on Thursday so enjoying it while I can . Hugs to all ???:x::x:


Oh it’s the little things that make such a difference @Meezermum ! I had a Hickman line way back and hated it. It’s such a shame that more portacaths aren’t used as they are brilliant and don’t stop you showering/bathing or swimming! Enjoy your luxurious baths this week! K????❤️


Hi @Meezermum, I wonder if you mentioned it to your oncologist that you have been having problems with the PICC line, lay it on a bit, and ask for a portacath. I have been lucky as I had a port fitted 15 months ago and it has been really good for bathing swimming etc. As Baxter says the little things make such a difference. Good luck with everything.:x::x:


The nurse sounds horrid!! There is no need to be rough or pull it out while they change the dressing. I've been so lucky lucky and don't really notice mine. I used to shower daily but do it every 2/3 days now to save my hair! It's feeling very thin! Ive got 3 more sessions now so hope it stays in. I was lucky and had very thick hair b4 chemo. Some times mine gets blocked and they are unable to flush it but I've found if they take the dressing off it goes though ok and it's just been a kink or they have twisted it putting it into the stat lock and it's actually not blocked at all!!!Annie :x:


Hi @1234annie @Clancy @Baxter2 I asked at chemo clinic today about having a portacath fitted but they don't do it and it's not a common procedure anymore . So having a new one plumbed in tomorrow and chemo directly afterwards . But only 4 more sessions to go , so at least there's an end in sight . Hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @Meezermum if you only have 4 more sessions it certainly wouldn’t be worth getting a port. That must be such a great feeling! K ????❤️


Just got back from the hospital. I burst into tears and the nurse gave me a hug. Wish I stopped being so teatful. I was worried about cea as it looked like it was creeping up but the nurse assured me it's creeping down. So it was 3.8 in Aug pre chemo and it's now 3.1 I just thank my lucky starts I'm here today in after everything that's happened. Annie :x:


Half way there now?@Meezermum, didn't realise. It will soon pass for you. Good luck.:x::x:


Hi @Meezermum enjoy your week of liberation. As others have suggested if it's possible to have a portacath that's even better. That can be flushed when taking bloods. X enjoy this week. Bridget :x:


Great CEA @1234annie! I just cried happy tears this afternoon as mine is down to 3.something today! Doesn’t this whole business just dominate our lives?! K ????❤️


Wow thats brilliant!!!! @Baxter2


I was worried about the PICC line coming out and the nurse made me watch soneone else having theirs removed. The guy didn't bat an eyelid so that's put my mind at rest. Honestly everything I've had done and I was worried about that! Silly cow I am. :x: :x:


I get my pic line out today ....yippeeee....shower,deep bubble bath, back to regular hairwashes and 3 spa days in the diary ! And a holiday to New York......liberated even with stage 4

Quote from @Highkaren:
I get my pic line out today ....yippeeee....shower,deep bubble bath, back to regular hairwashes and 3 spa days in the diary !

That sounds brilliant @Highkaren! My PICC line should be coming out two weeks today, fingers crossed, and I can't WAIT to have a long hot bath - first for six months, since this whole thing kicked off! Funny what we look forward to, isn't it? :x::x: