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Another Stoma?

Morning all.
I have been in the background lately after having a reversal of Ileostomy 7 weeks ago. I can’t believe this journey started nearly a year ago and the help and support I have had on here has been a godsend to me and the family. Now I need help again...... I have developed a recto vaginal fistula! CT yesterday and saw Surgeon. The plan is.... MRI next week, hospital admission on @7th for examination under anaesthetic and proceed to close fistula which will mean another Stoma while wound heals. I am so scared, I was still after the reversal, I had a GI bleed and then an Ileus. When I had the Stoma (Twinkle), life wasn’t too bad, I coped ok. I now have to make a decision whether to have the Stoma temporary or permanent. Anyone else been in this situation? Love to all. :x:


Good luck @poshbird sending a big hug :x::x:

springer michelle

Good luck tomorrow :x::x:


Hello @poshbird

All the best for tomorrow :x::x::x:


Best of luck @poshbird. Hope all goes well and you’ll be doing the Salsa for Christmas! :x::x::x:


@poshbird You have done amazingly well to keep it together through this nonsense. Just sending you hugs and strength to get through this next bit. :x::x::x:


Thank you all, just leaving now. Emotions and nerves all over the place. I just hope this works. :x::x:


Thinking of you today @poshbird, hope everything went well :x::x::x:


Hope al has gone well today @poshbird? Hope to hear from you only when you’re able. Lots of love, K ????❤️


@poshbird , been off for a couple of days but was thinking about you today .
I hope everything has gone ok .
Big hugs :x::x:


Well, back home in my own bed. The surgery went well, Twinkle 2 has arrived and is behaving! I am eating and drinking and........the nasty fistula has gone for good I hope. I didn’t want this Stoma but I must say it is a godsend not having the pain and sorrow from the fistula. Thank you all again for your support, it helped me getting through that very black cloud that a lot of us pass through now and again. :x::x::x:


Hope you are feeling well this morning @poshbird and Twinkle 2 is still being a good girl :x::x::x:


Great news @poshbird

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being home and tucked up in your own bed! Hope your recovery goes well.

Lots of love and best wishes,

K ????❤️


I am really pleased to hear from you @poshbird. So glad you are back home so quickly and relieved that you already sound much better. Lots of hugs for a speedy recovery and a lovely well behaved stoma . :x::x:


Glad you are feeling better @poshbird, I have been thinking about you. Great that Twinkle 2 is behaving! Keep well :x::x::x:

Catherine Blakeney

@poshbird glad to hear you’re home was wondering how you were getting on.
Glad the black cloud has lifted , hey we all get them.
Good luck with your recovery and pleased twinkle 2 is behaving . Take it easy and rest :x::x::x::x:


Happy that you are feeling well enough to come on the forum @poshbird! Hope your recovery goes well and you will soon feel like tripping the light fantastic! :x::x::x:


Thanks all, not too bad today, eating well and resting. :x::x::x:


So pleased you're home and feeling ok :x: