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My daughter is a week into the first cycle of chemo and feeling very sick. Taking the anti-sickness drug. Any ideas of what makes this go away??


Hi @Nanny00 Please ask her to call the chemo unit or GP this morning and ask to try something else. There are various types of anti-sickness tablets and some can be given in combination with others. I found ondansetron was quite good when I had nausea. Good luck! K????❤️


Also possibly some gin gin sweets they helped along side the tablets to minimise the nausea, I found they helped me. Good luck x


Hi @Nanny00. I found sipping ginger herbal tea helpful during those first few days. Lots of different varieties to vary the taste sensations . Also minty tea might help if there is 'wind' involved too. Thanks for the Gin Gin info above - I hadnt heard of those. And yes, talk to the chemo unit too. All luck and hugs for a quick resolution. :x:


I didn’t have chemo but had horrendous nausea post surgery. Ginger tea and ginger biscuits to nibble on helped me, I took them everywhere. :x::x:


Thanks so much for your advice. We are trying them all


Emend is the only thing that worked for me and taking it prior to being sick e.g. preventative measure