Life with bowel cancer



So from Friday , uncle Charlie has made somewhat of a miraculous recovery! From being called to his bedside on Saturday morning, expecting to say goodbye, to today, intensive are saying they are looking for a ward for him. So yeah, pretty amazing!

The first night he woke up, he knew who I was. He was holding my hand, laughing, let me kiss his head. Yesterday, he wouldn't even contemplate letting me near him. When we went in first thing, he seemed tired and kept telling me to go! I thought he was just tired. The. Last night he just refused to even let me near him and seemed really distressed I was in there, so I came out. My family kept telling me it was because he wouldn't like me to see him like that. The. Today he was laughing and joking, sitting up. Then I went in and he flat out told me he didn't know who I was or know even know a sophie. He told me I'd better go and shooed his hand towards the door! Obviously I was so upset even the nurse came out. She said it was really common and he should recover from it soon. But we've always been ridiculously close so it was really upsetting. He knows all my other family members! ? Has anyone else experienced anything like this ??


Oh dear @Sophie You must be so upset as you have supported Charlie all along. I have no experience but I expect all the trauma of the recent days can have strange effects. Take comfort from the nurse's words.


Again @Sophie lots of sympathy and hugs from me too. That must seem so hurtful but of course you know that is not the uncle you know and love speaking. I wonder if you are perhaps the youngest family member? Obviously he is still very ill and needs to recover his strength but, in his confused way, he is trying to protect you?

What about writing him some cards to read when he feels better?

Anyway, the main thing is that he is continuing to improve, so best wishes to you both


Hi @Sophie. Could your uncle have a water infection? I know a few people who's family have suffered this in hospital and it causes confusion and out of normal behaviour? Hope your uncle is feeling better soon. You are being so strong for him :x:


Thanks everyone!

@Lizalou that's a really nice idea! I'm not the youngest but I've always been the closest so yeah, it could be a protection thing! He's being horrible and he doesn't have a nasty bone in his body, that's what's hard to take in. But like you said , it's not him. Let's home the next few days improve :x::x::x:

@Kareno62 to be honest I asked the nurses that as I know water infections can cause delirium but they've said their pretty sure it's because of keep deprivation and the amount of drugs he has been on.

I'm just really scared that this is him for life now, really hoping I start seeing glimpses of his old self again. My mum is coming down with me this morning to let's hope she gets a better response :x::x:


Hi @Sophie Glad to hear Charlie has improved so much. My mum behaved in a similar way, mostly to my stepfather, who is so supportive and caring, when she had been in hospital for a few days, after trauma and extensive meds (no infection). It lasted about 3/4 days and once she was back home she went back to normal. She confessed afterwards that she thought my stepdad was an undercover journalist that was trying to sell her story!!. They laugh now but at the time my stepdad found it hurtful and was scared as she was behaving uncharacteristically. Hope this soon passes and sending Charlie lots of healing thoughts. :x::x::x:


Thank you so much @eyeofthetiger you've made me feel a lot better ! It sounds very similar to what I'm going through with hmm ATM! I honestly think if he knew how he was behaving towards me ATM he would genuinely be mortified! Im hoping once he's more settled we will be able to laugh about it but I'm really scared about going to see him! Did your stepdad still visit your mum was she behaving like that toward him? I just don't want to stress him out ! :x::x::x:


Hi @Sophie My stepdad did persevere with visiting but whilst she was confused it was always with another visitor, which made it easier. When she got funny with him he slipped out to the cafe for a well deserved coffee and cake. My stepdad just kept on telling himself not to take it personally and that it was a reaction to meds etc. Once she started to improve physically and the meds were reduced the confusion subsided and the situation got better. Hang on in there cherub, you are doing an amazing job! :x::x::x:


Well what do you know , today he was just like my uncle Charlie !! I said to him 'do you know who I am' he said of course I know who you are ? We had a little chat but he did say to my mum he didn't want me to get upset so think this along with the drugs probably made him act a bit strange. He did tell me they were making him feel weird !! But yes I'll keep going , that's great advice @eyeofthetiger :x::x::x:


Aww that's such good news @Sophie :x:


@Sophie, I have only just seen this, how frightening and upsetting for you.
Like many others have said it was probably due to all of the drugs he has had and everything that has happened - there may be a protective factor in it as well.
My dad had osteomyelitis some years ago and was exactly like that with me despite us being very close and me being the one he talked to the most about things when he was well.
He thought I was in league with the nurses and doctors who were trying to kill him, he didn't want me anywhere near and was telling my mum and sister not to trust me. He was at the point of giving my sister samples of all sorts of bodily fluids for testing after we had killed him!!! Needless to say once he was better he was back to his old self but it was tough at the time and horrible to see him like that.
It sounds as if you have got the 'old' Uncle Charlie back - lots of love a good wishes for his recovery. Jane :x::x::x: