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Hello everybody. I have my Colonoscopy on Friday morning, after being in a lot of pain which went on for 11 days I feel like I’m talking myself out of going Friday because I’m feeling so much better. I don’t feel it’s the procedure itself that’s worrying me, more like taking the prep in case that brings on the pain again as no doubt will be visiting the toilet a lot from Thursday onwards.
Hoping that everybody else is doing as well as can be

Betty :x:


Please go Betty. I've not had this sort of prep but the moviprep was painless - it's just like weeing out of your bottom to be blunt! You seem to have had problems for a while and this appointment will hopefully get to the bottom of things. If you don't go and then start to feel poorly again on Monday then you may well regret your decision.
I'm sure the whole thing will be over before you know it and there's lots of us on here holding your hand :x:


Hi @betty67 Why don’t you contact your Colorectal Nurse tomorrow and have a chat about your feelings over the phone or if possible, arrange pop in to discuss in person? The bowel prep is probably worst to be honest but perfectly doable in order to undergo the procedure. Sending you best wishes, K ❤️????


Hi just an update. Couldn’t go through with the Colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago. Had a follow up appointment today with the Consultant who was very nice, offered me a CT Scan with contrast which I refused. Asked me if I was still having the change in bowel habits which actually seemed to have gone back to normal for me but I am still having the bleeding. I seem to have a mental block of ingesting anything, I have a very complex history mentally.
I think what I’m asking is have I now ran of options to what else can be done?
Many Thanks


Hi @betty67

I’m sorry to hear that you felt unable to have the colonoscopy and CT scan despite still having symptoms. I do sense that this is not really achievable for you at the moment.

I honestly think that a referral to a clinical psychologist would be a good option to try to address this? Your oncologist should be able to arrange this as a matter of urgency for you.

Our emotional and mental health is every bit as important as our physical health and one certainly affects the other. I guess what you might have to consider is the horrible possibility of ending up in Hospital with a serious enough illness whereby tests, procedures or even surgery may be required and you feeling ‘forced’ to comply with whatever happens to you? Hopefully this will never be the case but it’s just something to consider?

My heart goes out to you and I really hope you can see a way forward that you feel comfortable with.

Sending lots of good wishes and strength, Hope you can stay in touch and let us know how you get on.

K ????❤️


When you are able try to have the CT Scan, they will support you through it and it is a physically painless way of seeing if there is anything seriously wrong. I have or had a phobia re hospitals and treatments based on early death of my mother - but the surgeon was very clear - ignoring it (whatever the reason and no matter the distress) in my case was not an option. Allowing for diagnoses and treatment was necessary. We will support you :x::x::x:


Thank you very much for your kind replies. The consultant I seen wrote a blood form out to check different things but because I couldn’t commit to the CT scan he basically said no blood tests and sent me in my way.
I spoke to my GP and he has written to the consultant so I am hoping I will at least get them blood test.
Today has been a good day not much pain at all so I e been for a short walk which fekt great


Hi all just an update really. Seen the consultant whose keeping an eye on my cysts just after Christmas, she arranged blood tests and stool tests to check Feacel Calprotectin and Hylebactor, all of which have come back fine. I’m back seeing my bowel consultant tomorrow thanks to my GP and say to him I have decided to have the camera. Still loosing mucous and blood and will mention my breathlessness as well.
Thanks all