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Pain left side of abdomen and dark toilet trips!!

Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while, I wasn't dealing with my diagnosis very well and had to take a break from things.. long story short after some TLC from family and friends I'm feeling much clearer and positive. However, I've started to feel some pains in my tummy ( not cramping pains) more of a sharp stabbing pain and more to the left side also my bowel moments are a really dark colour.
I've discussed this with my consultant today who didn't seem concerned, also spoke to my colorectal nurse who thinks it could be the chemo side effects?? Has anyone else had any of these side effects? I'm not due a scan until Feb and I'm mega paranoid so my clear thinking is vanishing ... fast!! :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Clairelou
Sorry to hear about the pain etc but you’ve done absolutely the right thing by speaking with your team about this. Please be reassured by what they’ve said and that they’re not worried.
My poo changed every which way during my folfiri treatment!
Big hugs


Hope you get sorted soon :x:


Hi @Clairelou, I have experienced this in the past month., a sharp stitch type of pain. I mentioned it to colorectal nurse and oncologist. He said most certainly scar tissue, and a narrower passage because my sigmoid/rectal junction had been surgically removed. The CT confirmed nothing in my bowel. I was thinking all sorts, and my poo colour varies, and can be darker when on my chemo. Hope you are ok. Hugs.:x::x:


Thank you everyone :x::x::x:


Hi @Clairelou
I haven’t experienced any pain post op but it sounds very reasssuring that your team are not concerned about it. Perhaps keep a food, poop and pain diary and try to establish if there is a pattern to this? Sending lots of good wishes your way! K ????❤️


Hi @Clairelou

If you have already had reassurance from the specialists, that is great!

So i wonder if you are like me....always wanting to do a bit more than I should. I remember that a few months after I had my original op I was always complaining about stabbing pains.....the day after I had been cleaning, or gardening, or stripping wall paper! I expected to get warning signs at the time, but never did, just the pains a day or two later.

12 months after my reversal, it is still the same, but I have to remind myself that I am doing so much more exercise than ever before. I now ignore the pains which may be a bit silly but I seem to be fine!


Hi @Clairelou. Sorry you’ve not been well. I have had pain near my op site left side. It’s like a pulling sort of pain and can be quite painful. Sometimes it’s worse than others but can be worse in bed if I pull myself up. Chemo nurses


Sorry @Clairelou. My phone jumps everywhere on this site since changed. It has a mind of its own! As I was trying to say chemo nurses said the chemo was slowing down healing. I’ve mentioned it a few times. Hope you get it sorted I’m on last week of Cap tablets ?. Take care :x::x::x:


Hi @Clairelou sorry you've been well . I've not had the pains , but whilst on capox my bowel movements have changed and also affected by the anti sickness tablets . Hope you are ok , take one day at a time and try and stay strong . Hugs :x::x::x:


Thank you everyone @Lizalou you could be right with the overdoing it thing... I've been cleaning today and I can feel it now...

@bexly33 yes definitely a pulling pain and especially when sitting up from a lying down position. However I'm much more settled now I've told my medical team and they've said not to worry - currently enjoying a glass of wine and worrying about nothing ? :x::x: