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Michaels Mum


My 24 year old son was diagnosed with bowel cancer November 2015 aged 22. He had surgery to remove the tumour a stoma and 6 months chemo. Has had 6 monthly scans and blood tests and all is good. He had a CT scan last Tuesday and his colorectal nurse has said the scan showed enlarged nodes at the site of original op and he will be discussed at a MDT meeting tomorrow. She will call with the outcome tomorrow of the meeting tomorrow. We found out all this last Friday and I am going completely out of my mind. The sensible head on me says don't panic there are a million things it can be but I cant stop thinking the worst. I am literally going out of my mind. Cant sleep eat or focus-has anyone experienced anything similar? :x::x:


I’m sorry this was not the news you wanted to hear at all @Michaels Mum. I do think that they’ve acted quickly and have a firm plan of action which is good. I know it must be so impossibly hard for you being his Mum but hopefully you’ll find the strength to face this next big challenge and conquer it! Sending lots of love, K ????❤️


Hi @Michaels Mum

So sorry to read your update, no words other than to say how sorry I am and to send you love & strength for the weeks ahead.

As others have said they are saying it’s operable and a plan in place, no help to you at this moment though as a Mum !

Lots of love hugs, strength & prayers & love to your boy

Ellen :x:


Hi @Michaels Mum

Very sad to read your will be very tough for you and the family. As stated before there is a plan in place and operable too.

I can't say enough to console you but I'll be still praying for a good outcome...

hugs and positive healing thoughts :x::x::x:


@Michaels Mum I’m sorry to read your update but good to hear there’s a plan in place. Sending love :x::x::x:


@Michaels Mum I’m so very sorry to read your post. You must all be feeling very shocked, but it’s good that this has been discovered and will be dealt with quickly. Sending you lots of love Diane :x::x::x::x:


Cant imagine what you are going through, can only send love and hugs :x::x:


@Michaels Mum, so sorry to read your update, I can't add anythings to what others have said - thinking of you, Michael and the family - huge hugs and strength to you. This is every Mum's nightmare, can't even imagine how you are feeling, lots of love Jane :x::x::x:

Michaels Mum

I actually think my heart is broken. We have to be positive and stay strong. As a mum the pain is indescribable. I have a daughter of 26 and two boys of 17 and 15 at home still who adore their older brother. Im hoping after a good sleep things will seem clearer in the morning. Thank you for all your kind words :x::x:

lynn collier

Please keep strong even though it’s easy to say keeping fingers crossed :x::x:


I’m still a relative newbie to all of this, but looking for the positives in this horrible situation, maybe if the stupid cancer had to return at all, returning near the original site is better than showing up in another organ? Sorry if that’s not a helpful thought. The waiting is the worst. Once treatment gets underway again, I’m sure your head will clear a little. Big hugs :x::x::x:


@Michaels Mum , just sending you my love , as a parent this must be horrendous, I am the wife and I know how hard that is , good luck
Thinking of you
Tracey :x::x:


Sending love and prayers for you @Michaels Mum , Michael and the rest of your family.
How is your son feeling and coping?


Hi @Michaels Mum. I’m sorry to hear your news, I can only go of what my Mum feels like when I have to pass her upsetting news. In fact, I worry more about telling my Mum than anyone. I really hope this doesn’t sound too harsh but Michael has been caught early, that is always a great thing in the world of bowel cancer. He has defeated it before, he will do it again. There is no spread anywhere else and again that’s another postive. I know being told of a recurrence puts your world on its head. Again! But all we can do is hold our head up high and say ‘right, bring it on!’ I will not allow this to takeover my/our lives. Ok it’s here, and boy don’t we know it is here, so let’s deal with it with absolutely everything we’ve got and continue to live our lives the best way we can in spite of this rubbish.
Michael sounds like a toughie to me and as a family, you’ll make for a formidable team! So in my opinion, that C stuff better watch it’s back! :x::x:

Michaels Mum

@mem thank you so much for your kind words. I know you are right and i truly believe positivity is half the battle a battle i didnt think we would have again and def not so soon. It is 2 years today he had his operation. I am gonna roll my sleeves up and battle with him again have to stop crying first!! :x::x:

Michaels Mum

@Lizalou i have only spoken to him on phone as he lives with his girlfriend but he is sad but ive said we need to be strong and positive and we will fight it again. Once he has PET scan we will have a plan and deal with it :x::x:


I wish I could give you the biggest, supportive hug in person @Michaels Mum. I cant imagine how you must be feeling at this time. Take your time and deal with this news the best way you can, those sleeves will be good and ready when needed and a virtual supportive hug is on its way to you both :x::x:

Michaels Mum

@mem thank you- made me cry again! :x::x:


@Michaels Mum, I echo all the @sweetcheeks and all the others had to say. I am the wife too, I cannot imagine how I would feel if it were my son or daughter. But just note, my husband was first diagnosed in 2010 and although it has returned in 2013 and now, he is still around! So hopefully the next treatment and operation will help your son!

All the very best, with luck and prayers,
Lynne :x::x::x:

Michaels Mum

Thank you @LynneW I will pull myself together and get us through this but at the moment I am a wreck :x::x: