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Hospital gift box

Hi all,
My sister goes in for surgery a week on Friday, I’d like to do her a gift box of things she might want/need in hospital and would love any ideas anyone has of good things to include or if it’s a really terrible idea?
Thanks in advance :x:

Beck R

It’s a lovely idea, lip salve, handcream, magazines/puzzle books some fluffy slipper type socks, these were some of the things people got that I appreciated. This website might give you some ideas


Hi @runningkat. To add to @Beck R would add notepad, pens, colouring books..the mindfulness ones, dental floss, body spray. Just need to be careful with locker space. Think it's a lovely idea. Maybe something Christmassey too given the time of year..perhaps an advent calendar. Boots do great ones with mini sanctuary..Good luck to your sister for the op. X Bridget :x:

Polly 1

What a really lovely thought @runningkat and @Beck R and @Bridget55 have some great ideas.

Some mints/sweets/chewing gum might be nice. Chewing gum helps the bowel keep working after an op.


Hi @runningkat, I would add 2m long phone/tablet charger to excellent ideas above (Amazon .....). Allows phone etc to be plugged in all the time and tucked under pillow during the night. The standard length are not practical in hospital! Take very good care, Kim :x:


Thanks everyone, that’s so helpful!
I wanted to get her some new nightwear too, anyone got any feedback as to whether pyjamas or a nightdress would be better.
I don’t know many details about her surgery other than she described it as complicated and that someone else’s got rearranged so she could be prioritised. So I would guess it’s not going to be keyhole.

Beck R

Probably a nightie is easier, depending on where her scars are going to be pj bottoms could be uncomfortable plus there may be drains and various other tubes that you can’t get trousers over easily. I did think about saying chewing gum too and yes to the extra long cable for phone charger.


Hi @runningkat There’s a new cancer shop at Guy’s hospital see
You can order via the website.
Someone sent me a gift box when I was on chemo. Even if you don’t order from there, you can browse the site to see what items might be useful for people in different situations.
Hope your sister gets on ok


It is a lovely idea @runningkat Chewing gum to get the digestive juices going, favourite biscuits and maybe some sore throat lozenges or sweets to suck as you do have a dry mouth and sore throat after anaesthetic. I also had short sleeve PJs and nightie so they can access cannulas and check blood presure and a very lightweight short dressing gown (without a hood) which I slept in when I felt a bit cold. I downloaded some audio stories (crackanory) on to my kindle and bought Bluetooth earphones so I could shut out the hospital noise at night. Maybe find out about hospital Wi-Fi in advance so she's all set up? A long charger cable is good. Maybe flip flops to wear in a communal shower and the small bottles of toiletries you'd take on holiday - space is at a premium in hospital so small and compact is good for all things. Visitors can bring in and take home washing and extra supplies as they are needed. Hope this helps :x:


Hi @runningkat. Also a night shirt with buttons up front good. Good to buy a size bigger as will be easier to slip on and off. Tesco are good for nightwear. Big white cotton knickers also useful! B :x::x:

Beck R

Dry hair shampoo if she doesn’t find it easy to shower!


Thank you, I’ve got a great box together now, told her I had a couple of bits like miniature toiletries bottles to send her in the post so she’s expecting a couple of bits but not what is actually coming! I’ve got:

Bible study notes
Colouring book & pencils
Extra long charger (2m)
A novel
Bed socks
Nightie (oversized, cotton, buttons down the front but 3/4 sleeves unfortunately as didn’t think about the blood pressure issue) but have washed and tumbled dried it so it’s ready to wear and it’s pretty, like a dress
Chewing gum
Dry shampoo
Miniature bottles to put toiletries in
Small notepad

Just need to get a sleep mask, lip balm and some biscuits and I can post it Monday so she should have it in plenty of time to decide what she wants to take in assuming she doesn’t go in early.

I’ve also got her the M&S beauty advent calendar for December and am doing a list to go in the box explaining all the things and then a card for before and a card for after.

She’s had a very long stay before several years ago after an accident so we are both pleased she can actually plan for this one!


Hi @runningkat well done. Keep us posted as to how your sister's op goes. Bridget :x:


Thanks to you all for your great ideas, she was really pleased and many of the things have come I useful.
Op went well, the surgeon thinks he removed the whole tumour, I’m not sure what next steps are yet. She is still in hospital (op was a week ago) but Just down to one cannula now and there is talk of her going home at the weekend.