Life with bowel cancer


And so it continues..........

Following my recent PET scan, my case was discussed yesterday at the specialist MDT at Basingstoke. Although my four new liver mets have responded well to chemo and showed no uptake there are other areas of concern. I appear to have a posterior 4th rib, inguinal node and small bowel uptake of the FDG I think it’s called. There’s talk of perhaps a biopsy of node and maybe radiotherapy to rib. No plan of action for small bowel (as I guess there’s nothing apart from chemo that will help) feeling pretty sorry for myself today. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end? Why does one area respond to chemo and another doesn’t? Why do I feel and look so well? Beats me. Meeting with oncologist on 23rd to discuss next steps.


Haha @GD1962 ?? I’ve done most of my shopping online actually so getting organised so I can actually enjoy seeing people and socialise over the festive season for a change!

The Christmas market was only for the atmosphere and a mulled wine.......strictly no shopping as such! Anyway, enough about my shopping......... have you got these Christmas PJ’s bought yet?? K ????❤️


Hi @Baxter2

OMG I know who wears the trousers in your I have not bought any fXXX PJs yet, but will do soon, lolx


@Baxter2 After your trying week I'm just sending you a great big weekend hug and hoping you're having a chilled out Sunday doing pre-Christmas stuff to your heart's content! :x::x::x:


@GD1962............Just saying..........??

@LABluebell thank you for that great big weekend hug well received!! Wrapped most of the pressies now and feeling pretty chuffed with myself! Cards almost done too all ready to put my Christmas tree up on the 1st! Sending love to you both! Karen xx ????❤️


@GD1962, at Baxter2 is one of the lucky ones and can do what she likes, ha, ha! But I wonder what fXXX colour PJ’s you are going to buy, ha, ha, ha!!!:):):)

I am always amazed by the camaraderie on this Forum! No of us want to be on it, but what a great place it is. Let’s always keep it like this, please. :x::x::x:


Hi @LynneW

I think @Baxter2 was a nurse and my partner is a nurse and he is bossy as well. lolx


AND so it continues..... I was a nurse too, ha, ha! Worse my husband was a lawyer!!! Don’t know which is worse :x::x::x:


Hi @Baxter2 I’ve finished my Christmas shopping but not started on the cards yet. My daughter has talked me into having a big real Christmas tree this year (last year was a table top one (real) from Wilko) she has promised the help me decorate it :x::x::x:


@chrissie decorating our tree is a big family affair, Christmas tunes playing, mulled wine and mince pies whilst we decorate, lots of laughter and reminiscing on the year...enjoy the decorating :x::x::x:


You guessed right @GD1962! I was a midwife too but that was many moons ago before I had my 3 boys! Now that we’ve established nurses are fundamentally bossy, @LynneW and I can nag you to get that Hospital kit sorted and pronto! ??

Well done @chrissie! Get the real tree and I th8 k it’s a fraser fir which smells the best.

Love to you all! K ????❤️


I had my Christmas tunes on today wrapping my pressies @Highkaren. I won’t let anyone help with my’s mine and they don’t do it properly! I must be some sort of control freak?! I remember when they were little, I always sneaked back to the tree when they were in bed and rearanged the whole thing ???


Hi @Baxter2 @LynneW

I was wondering about all the spouts and drains poking out of various orifices and incisions if PJs would be a bit uncomfortable. My next door neighbour June has bought me a classic pink winceyette nighty with rose pattern, but I suggested to her that I should limit wearing the nighty around the house when I get home.

I thought it may not go down well on the ward, but then again it's Manchester so who knows lolx. I'll invest in blue pin stripes make me look straight for a few days... :)


That really made me laugh @GD1962, AND did I need it!!! Keep it up, I believe laughter helps with everything, it keep us going anyway. @Baxter2 will probably help you with the type of attire you should wear! Lol. But, if you do wear the winceyette nighty, I would love a photo!

Really good luck to you, I am still laughing!!! :x::x::x:


@GD1962, ay up r kid, you can wear what you like up ere no one gives a monkey's lol. I just wore the hospital gown, you could go for the Demys Roussos look. Joking aside the kaftan is the best bet. :x::x:


Stop it @Clancy you're making me laugh so much my mascara is running lolx


Atmospheric Xmas markets and mulled wine, sounds fantastic!


Sure does @Sean!, do you have some specific Hospital PJ advice for @GD1962? He thinks we’re bossy and nagging him! ???


@Clancy. You must have been lucky - all the gowns I was ever given had half of the ties missing so I either had to fashion a kimono or clutch the back together when visiting the little ladies room - wish the bloke from higher up the ward had done the same before the red-faced nurse led him back to bed with his a*** hung out!? Anyway it's cold oop north @ GD1962 and snowed on Friday so fleecy wyncyette all the way :x:


reckon the hospital gowns will do ya just fine @GD1962 Can't even remember if I brought mine along. I sure didn't wear em for the first few days anyways. Bring a comfy blanket ;)


Thanks @Sean :)