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Post surgery

Hi: Jenny had liver resection on 26 October and is still very tired, sleepy most of the time and not eating very well.

She is sleeping well at night for around 10 - 11 hrs and then wakes up tired.

I know that Jenny is very anxious about her next LUNG scan on Tuesday and is fearful than she will need another round of surgery - she starts chemo in January.

I'm concerned that she seems to be getting depressed and has little interest in doing anything. Reading, TV or crosswords used to amuse her but not anymore.

Is this loss of appetite and tiredness typical three weeks after surgery or should I be more concerned?


Hi@Matthew, you are bound to be worried after major surgery, I am presuming she is home? Yes it is normal to feel ultra tired, the liver is the power house of our bodies, it has so many functions. I lost weight after my liver surgery, but surprisingly full of energy! My lethargy and despondency came after my bowel resection. It's strange how differently we react. My liver surgeon did say six to eight weeks recovery. Sleep and rest is the best medicine. I still have bedroom days when all I want to do is read, sleep and listen to music, I still get dressed but lounge around, particularly on chemo days. I know it's difficult, but cross the lung scan and chemo bridge when you come to it. My very best wishes.:x::x:


Hello @Matthew

Sorry to read your post!
I am due for bowel and HIPEC surgery and later liver and they are talking minimum six months recovery in total and three months for liver resection. Think I am resigned for six months post op recovery and have saved up for the same.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @Matthew I had a liver resection on 18th Sept and Jenny's recovery sounds similar to mine at her stage of recovery. It has taken me about 6-8 weeks to get back to normal, each week energy levels and appetite increasing. Initially I started taking small walks around the garden, bedhead hair, crumpled PJ's and tatty dressing gown, now I am back in gym gear and able to comfortably do 2/3 mile walk. It really helped me mentally and physically. Listening to music and watching films also helped, especially lifting my spirits. Hope Jenny's recovery and lung scan results goes well. :x::x::x:


Thanks to you all, it has put my mind at rest. Jenny does make the effort to get dressed every day and does care about her appearance so we do have some positives. I think the scanxiety is getting her down, we both want some positive news so will keep our fingers crossed, thanks again :x::x:


Hi @Matthew

I have just looked back at my diary from 2 years ago (tricky because the dog ate the relevant pages but luckily I was detemined to keep the chewed up remains!)

Although I was recovering from the bowel op and resultant ileostomy, so a different situation, it definitely took me at least 6 weeks to be ready to go out by myself or to drive or walk the dog. But I was very happy to have a friend round for coffee or to be driven out for a potter round the shops.

So if Jenny is just tired, but still happy to do those sorts of things with a bit of encouragement then she is fine. But if she is feeling ill, in pain or depressed then perhaps you need to speak to a professional if only for extra reassurance.

I hope she has a positive result from the next scan and then perhaps she will feel more able to tackle the next challenge. It is a miserable time for both of you so I hope things start looking up very soon. :x::x:


Thank you for that, I ended up in pretty much the same predicament with our dogs chewing up Jenny’s appointment letter for her CT scan, I managed to rescue the date and time but but the rest went in the bin !! Funny now but not at the time. Jenny is in a little pain which is what we expect and she has a review at the doctors next Saturday so I think we can get that far and talk to them about progress, both physically and mentally, I appreciate your encouragement and I feel a bit more relaxed with how Jenny is feeling :x::x::x:


@Matthew, just to add to what Lizalou mentioned, I have been for counselling, a friend suggested it. I would never have otherwise considered it. It's great because the person is neutral and I basically waffled on for an hour about all sorts and then left, feeling like I had discarded a big heavy overcoat. I did this more during chemo rather than post op.:x::x: