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What is surgical assessment unit ? ?

So uncle Charlie got a call today as he has an appointment with the surgical assessment unit on Friday. They were asking about his surgery wound which has a hole at the top and not really healing properly. I've googled it (oops) and it basically says it's where you go if you may need surgery? Obviously after everything a wound was not at the top of our worries. Just wondering if anyone knows what they may do for a wound or had any experience with the surgical assessment unit? Thanks !!


Hi @Sophie, hope you are alright and your uncle continues to improve, what a time you have had! Surgical assessment unit SAU, at my local hospital is where they put patients whilst they make a decision about surgery, for example, orthopaedic patients that come in with broken hips. They have to assess which is the best means of treatment rather than taking them straight to emergency theatre. It does not just cater for bones though, my best friend was rushed in with gall stones and an inflamed pancreas, she came through a&he, they got her pain under control, then kept her on SAU whilst they settled the pancreas before they tackled the gall bladder, surgically.
It may be different at your hospital and maybe just a day unit. He has just had major surgery, and a stint in ICU so they are just assessing him at the moment.
Hope I haven't confused or scared you. Don't be afraid to contact the unit and ask what they do. Although it may have to be next of kin that enquiries. Good luck Sophie.:x::x: