Life with bowel cancer


Me again

Hi gang

Been a while but I have been checking in most days. Sometimes others on here say the right thing and I cant put it better so I just remain in the wings wishing and hoping for the best for all of us.
Had my first blood test and results, came back 1. I was told not to get fat, keep exercising, eat well, stay away from red meat and chew, make your teeth do what they're supposed to do.
Things are getting better, I dont think this will ever be forgotten even though I've been very lucky.
Stay positive gang, keep fighting. I think of you all everyday hoping for that cure.


Good luck to you @Licklecars. I am glad that things are getting better for you! :x::x::x:


Hi @Licklecars and thanks for the update. Glad you are healing well, but, yes, sometimes it is the emotional side which is the challenge, especially when the active treatment is finished. :x::x:


hi @Licklecars great news , geoffs was 1 aswell and the whole red meat talk which Geoff gave up in april , interested about the chewing Geoff was always a fast eater and never chewed it enough , so I will be passing that on!!!!!! very best of luck , much love Tracey :x::x::x:


Great news @Licklecars !!! all the best :x::x::x: