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Higher bilirubin level

Hello lovely people,
Here I am posting and worried sick again.
I am wondering if anyone has been in similar situation.
My husband has been diagnosed with bc in June 2016. He had successfull operation followed by 8 cycles of chemo. (finished in February 2017)
Since he had his yearly scan in late July and a colonoscopy, both clear.
His last 2 blood test, on Thursday last week Tuesday this week showed higher bilirubin level (37) and the Drs or nurses said he will have an ultrasound test soon....
His Otherwise feels perfectly fine and happy, just perhaps me making him miserable with my worries.
The professionals as usual are very vague and I do not know what to think :(
Thank you for your comments in advance :x::x::x:


Hello @28

So sorry you have this latest worry.

But if you put in 'Raised bilirubin' into the little search box with the magnifier, you will see several replies to similar problems including one from Heather with an identical situation (not directly chemo related)

@Charlotte Nurse Advisor (or a different nurse?) replied to the original query and could perhaps help you.


Hello Lizalou, thank you for your reply, I did do what you suggested :)
So basically the answer is that we do not know, until further tests. It is just soooo hard to wait (again) and I am really struggling with this. xx
Perhaps some else has experience but, I will post my question to the nurse anyway
Thank you again

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @28,

Unfortunately I don't think I can add anything further. There are several causes for a raised bilirubin level but the only way to determine the cause is to carry out further investigations. As with a lot of blood tests the results merely indicate a potential problem and it is the subsequent tests which are carried out which diagnose the cause.

It is reassuring that his scan in July was clear but it is correct that his team have requested an ultrasound to check things out.

With kindest regards,