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Standing witness to those who have died this year

For those who are unsure, a short explanation:

After becoming a moderator I decided to keep a list of those who have died during the year - each one precious, and missed by family and friends. The list is written in chronological order from January 2017 and added to as the year unfolds. I light a candle for each person on the list at a midnight service on Christmas Eve. Although I stepped back as a moderator a few months ago, I wanted to see this commemoration through, hence this request.

Though painful, we have the opportunity to stand witness to these beloved souls and remember with gratitude and thanksgiving, the impact they had in our lives.
As usual, I'm asking you to check the list carefully. If anyone's name is missing, I sincerely apologise; it's not intentional. Just send me a message with their name, or reply on this thread and I'll gladly add them, light a candle and pray for them, too. Hugs, B

Mr D (Plumbago’s partner)
Louise (springer michelle’s friend)
Hannah (Lyo6HAN’s daughter)
KT’s mum
Dubindub’s husband
Billie’s husband
Mum23monkeys grandpa
fifimutley’s dad
EllieY’s dad
Steve (MariaLou’s husband)
Polly1’s mother in law
Noodle’s mum
Ann Carlin
Ben Ashworth
Forumuser123’s mum
LucyJemma’s mum
Rach1985’s mum
Tallulah’s daughter’s daddy
Butterfly89’s dad
Peter (Swan's brother in law)
Roy (Swan’s hubby)
Barbm (angepange’s friend)
dk37 (Tom Marsilje)
Scardycat's dad
Clive (skywise's hubby)
Aaron (Smiley2's friend)
pieface82's mum
Don Barker
Mini1234's dad


I have just added @mini1234's dad to this list - which is now closed for this year. This is because of the practicalities of setting up the memorial station before the midnight mass tonight. 43 candles will be lit in memory. May peace bless those who hurt and remember. Hugs, Bx


Thank you @Brian as ever. Such a wonderful thing to do. Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

Polly 1

Thank you @Brian - my mother in law's name was Irene :x::x:


Thank you this is such a beautiful and selfless act
god bless all those that have passed this year and there families


Thank you for doing this for all of us @Brian. I am remembering these loved ones and their families in my prayers tonight too. I hope you have a lovely Christmas. :x:


@Brian ? Thank you :x::x:


Many thanks for this Brian, i havent been using the Forum the last few months and the list is shocking, im particularly saddened by the loss of jaynesr, she was a inspiration with her grit and determination, my heart goes out to all of them and thier families

Tony M


@Brian thank you, thoughts are with the families & loved ones and I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a healthy 2018 :x::x::x:


I hadn't realised that the lovely @Jen82 and @haich had passed away. Very sad news :x::x:

Haich Sister

Thank you for this @Brian it was really touching to see Haich's (Haroon) name on the list. Thank you to Beating Bowel cancer forum for offering Haroon the opportunity to share his experiences with others, to be supported by others and offer much needed support in return.


Hi @Haich Sister.
Thankyou so much for taking the time to post and I hope you are as well as you can be after the very sad loss of your brother Haroon (Haich). I was so sorry to hear the sad news of his passing.
Sending love to you and your family :x::x:

Haich Sister

Thank you @mem. It has been an immensily difficult time and that was a hard list to read, there are many names on there that I know Haich would correspond with such as @caz81 and @Lucylou.
Ive contacted the moderators to see if I can add a message on behalf of @haich, his final few weeks. My heart is with everyone :x::x::x::x:


I can't begin to imagine the grief you and your family are going through @Haich Sister and as a moderator, I absolutely agree that you should post a message on your brother's behalf if that is what you want to do. :x::x:


Hi @Haich Sister I just wanted to say I am pleased to hear from you. I was in contact with Haroon both here and through Shine, and she made a real impact. Sending love to you :x:

Gary not Gavin

What a wonderful remembrances to these people gone before us who had there worst outcome come true from this awful disease we all think positive thought they tried like we try and continue to do so
RIP dear ones. What a tragedy loosing you all

Respect to you all for the hard fault battle

Gavin :x::x:


Hi @Haich Sister

Just in case @mem doesn’t get this until tomorrow, I thought if post a reply this evening so hope you don’t mind mem?

I’m not sure if there is a way around this but I wonder if it would be good to post from your user name as those who remember Haich will realise you’re his sister?

I too, am so sorry for your loss of your lovely brother.

Karen :x::x:


Sorry, I have just picked this up @Haich Sister and thankyou @Baxter2 for responding. What Karen has advised will be the best way in relation to you posting on behalf of Haroon (Haich). Maybe tag your brother @haich into your post?
I apologise for misunderstanding your original question, I presumed you were going to post from your user-name and of course, you absolutely should.
Sending love :x::x:

Haich Sister

Thank you @Baxter2 for your advice I will do this, it's far more appropriate too x
Thankyou @mem also


Your very welcome @Haich Sister.

Sending love,


Haich Sister

I've posted in @haich "First scan results and journey update" topic.
Love to all