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Beating Bowel Cancer issues fresh call for #screenat50

We are delighted to announce today that we are renewing our calls for the bowel cancer screening age in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be lowered from 60 to 50 to bring policy into line with Scotland. Early Day Motion 617, tabled by campaigner Lauren Backler’s MP Stephen Lloyd, supports this call and also notes that 50 is the internationally-recognised optimal age for bowel screening to commence.

You can follow the progress and read the full text of EDM 617 on the parliament website http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2017-19/617 and see our press release on the Beating Bowel Cancer website https://www.beatingbowelcancer.org/news-hub/beating-bowel-cancer-calls-mps-support-early-day-motion-617-bowel-cancer-screening/ ; (please note that the PDF download includes all data source references).

Over the past couple of days, many forum members have come forward to show their support for the campaign: we are immensely grateful and look forward to featuring you in the campaign, as social media stars, as case studies or media interviewees.

But there’s more you can do: please do like or follow us on social media (links bottom right of this page and re-tweet and repost our messages about the campaign.

You’ll see new banners across our website and social media channels today, driving traffic to our e-petition site https://beatingbowelcancer.eaction.org.uk/, which has been updated to reflect new ‘asks’ for MPs.

The previous stint of the e-petition, which ran from January to April (when the General Election was called) generated over 8000 emails to MPs so definitely got the campaign noticed.

Even if you petitioned earlier in the year, please do so again, since this is a new request to MPs and every voice counts.

An Early Day Motion in itself carries no policy or legislative weight and in practice very few are debated. What it does do, however, is provide us with a platform to raise the profile of the screening at 50 campaign, keeping it on the news agenda and assessing the degree of parliamentary support.

The letters generated by the e-petition include other things that MPs can do to show their support, such as tweeting or blogging on the subject, tabling written/oral questions to the Minister or writing to Jeremy Hunt.

Thank you for your support so far and please do help us keep up the pressure.


Excellent well done team for getting this promoted. Bridget


Very well done indeed!
Yet again, this new platform is absolute rubbish when accessed via mobile devices. This is 2017, for goodness sakes! Going backwards at a gallop, comes to mind?!!


I'm so pleased to hear that @RosemaryA (Yes, I do pop on here from time to time to see if everyone's behaving!) As you know, Richard and I have promoted this issue up here in Scotland for a long time via media/TV as well as attending two Parliamentary Receptions etc etc. Incidentally, Richard has just had his 5 year milestone for Stage 3 and he was diagnosed via the screening test @ 50! :x:


Hi @RosemaryA and everyone

Thanks for organising this. I have used the above details to e mail my MP, which was really easy and straightforward, including being able to personalise the e mail for my own personal story.


@Bridget55 and @"Dan-888" looking forward to featuring you in this campaign, thank you for your support. @Smiley2 - wonderful to hear from you, we think of you often and so pleased that Richard has passed the 5-year mark. @Lizalou thanks for completing and also looking forward to your starring role!
Ref usability on mobile devices, we will be looking at this in the New Year (very soon now). Thank you for bearing with us in the meantime.


Thank you for putting up with my "shot from the hip" live testing comments! All the links are working on my Android platform now!
Many thanks again!