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Christmas meet

Hi everyone coming to our Christmas meet today. We are downstairs in the Natural Kitchen and have managed to save a table. Looking forward to seeing you all love D :x::x::x::x:


hope u all had a lovely day :x::x:


So sorry to miss you all and hope there's another one soon! :x:


Hi all. Yes I'm going to invite everyone to my house next time but I do live just outside Watford! I'm thinking of supplying the food and drink and ask for a minimum donation of £10 on the day and we will donate the money to BBC.

I'll come back to you all early next year with a date. Do people prefer during the week or maybe a Sunday afternoon?

Tiffany :x::x:


Ooooo @Tiffany I didn’t realise you were so near! I am Tring. There’s a couple of us plotting a meet up Boxmoor/Hemel way mid Jan will post soon. So sorry couldn’t come today and to miss you all, sounds like a lovely time. Well done @DianeS for organising and yes sounds amazing coming to you next time Tiffany too. Love to all :x::x:


Hi @DianeS and everyone else,

Lovely to hear you all had a great meet up today! Pity you forgot to take photos though!

I’d love to try and arrange a Scottish meet in the New Year. There are a few of us going to the Glasgow patient day in Feb so I’m just wondering if we should try for end of Jan or leave until March/April I’ve met a couple of forum users individually and it’s been great!

Lots of love,

K ???❤️?


Thanks @DianeS for organising this...the venue was lovely and we were delighted that you had to go for such a good reason (daughter's new job!).

Lovely to see @Swanseacat, who lives almost next door to Diane, @Delboy with pictures of his gorgeous granddaughter, @Tiffany, with plans for another get -together, @Alwyn with her great new hairstyle but no hat and @Bridget55 , all the way from darkest Derbyshire.

Unfortunately my 1st train home was cancelled and the 2nd was 30 minutes late, so door to door took 4 hours (Scotland would have been faster). Banana in the car and out to choir, now ready for an early night.

springer michelle

No photos! Well...


That’s such a brilliant idea @Tiffany more than willing to help in any way I can. Sorry you had such a difficult journey home @Lizalou. Katie was so pleased to have been offered the job and is looking to start in the New Year ??. Hope you are doing well @Chris82 and hope you can make the next one. Looking forward to our meet up in Jan @HH79 :x::x::x::x::x:


It sounds like a great get together and I’m sorry I couldn’t join you this time but chemo got in the way, bloody cancer eh!! @Tiffany I live in Hemel , it would be great if you could come and meet us on Jan. We plan to meet in the Fishery Wharf cafe (right on the canal in Boxmoor) on the 16th Jan. Everyone else is invited too if our interested and can get to us. Lots of love ?


Just putting up a pic of our Christmas Tree to get everyone in the mood! Hope this works......


So glad you all had a good meet up @diane. I thought of you all yesterday and hopefully will see you in the New Year. Happy Christmas to all and happy and healthy New Year ! :x::x::x:


Glad you all had a lovely time, must be so lovely to meet in person. @Baxter2 me and my hubby are thinking of going to the Glasgow patient day so we may get to meet you ?:x::x:


P.s. Gorgeous Crimbo tree @rebeccao ?☺️:x::x:


Oh @mem, that sounds brilliant! My hubby is coming too!

I hope you do make it up this way! It would be great to meet up!

Watch this space huh?

K ????❤️


@rebeccao thanks so much for letting me know. I can't come on Jan 16th as away for a friend's 50th. Please tell me next time as I'd love to meet you all :x::x::x:


It will be lovely to meet you both too @Baxter2 ☺️, it will also be my first ever patient day too! Fingers crossed this cancer lark doesn't get in the way for us both eh.??? :x::x:


Yeah sure @mem! We just can’t allow it to spoil the party!



Would have been lovely to see you @crispy but we will definitely organise something for the New Year. Love your tree @rebeccao and look forward to meeting you on 26th. :x::x::x::x::x: