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Younger people with bowel cancer


Constantly nervous

I am almost 1 year past first getting diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I had surgery, 6 months of chemo (finished in August 2017 :) Now I am contantly worring about every little pain. I see a therapist weekly to discuss my anxiety. I have had good scans in July and October so I am happy. I recently had right side upper back pain for quite a few weeks. I saw the surgeon for a follow up and she said it was my muscle. I still feel achy in my back shoulder blade and sometimetimes in my rib. I do not remember hurting it. I constantly worry I have lung cancer now or bone cancer...I had a full scan on mychest in July 2017 and all was good. I have a follow up with my oncologist today and am going to tell him I need this checked out. I feel like I never feel good anymore. It sucks!! I am only 37 years old.

Catherine Blakeney

Hi @lindzwolo you’re not alone with those thoughts, I was also stage 3 t4n1m0 some days even now i am still petrified it has come back despite clear scans and low CEA levels .
Do you and your therapist do mindfulness I found it helped me.
It will ease with time although I think the fear never really leaves you, we learn to cope as time goes on, but if it is stopping you getting on with things and life in general talk it over with your therapist, or even your gp, don’t let fear define you, when there is so much support around .
Always here with a listening ear sending you big hugs ? :x::x::x:


Hi @lindzwolo and a very warm welcome to the forum!

I agree with @Catherine Blakeney in that, once you’ve had a cancer diagnosis, it kinda changes you forever and the fear of it returning is very real for us all! It’s such a cruel disease and it is so unfair on you at only 37! No wonder you’re feeling like you do! You have every right to!

We all know worrying doesn’t change anything but just robs us of our happiness. I try to tell myself that daily! It’s certainly worth exploring this with your therapist and perhaps even consider discussing an anti depressant with your doctor if you think this would be helpful?

I hope things settle down for you and you can start to relax a little and enjoy life again albeit a ‘new normal’

Will you let us know how you go?

Lots of good wishes and strength,

K ????❤️


Thanks for the support!! I had my appointment yesterday and the dr basically said to relax, he thinks I am fine. He reluctantly agreed to give me a chest x-ray, though he was sure I did not need one. I have not heard anything yet but I feel he is probably right. I do take an anxiety medicine already! It seems to help most days but sometimes I can't get out of my own head! I have a husband and 2 children who need me! I am hoping as time goes on it gets a bit easier!!