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Younger people with bowel cancer

Michaels Mum

Never ending......

Don't think anyone will be able to advice me BUT we have just come to terms that Michael is having another op in Jan after something showed in CT scan and confirmed with PET scan. Jackie our colorectal nurse suggested to Michael and his girlfriend it would be a good idea to freeze some sperm as back up! Those that have followed our story may remember that when he was initially ill and before he started chemo at the appointment with Oncologist I asked the question should he store sperm -the reply was good question we don't get people his age in here! Michael who was 22 living at home no girlfriend just had major surgery getting used to a stoma and about to start chemo said least of my worries and walked out. I said to the Oncologist I think he should cos roll on 10 years..... the Oncologist said I cant discuss this with you as he is 22- I replied he might be 22 but he is my baby! No more was said and he started chemo a week later!
Since then Michael has met and bought a house with his girlfriend. I researched and thought well he didn't have radiotherapy so he may be ok! He did his sample yesterday and received a call to say there was no live sperm-he has to go back Friday and give another sample. Can anyone give me any hope? I know in the whole realm of things... but it just seems to be one thing after another- he is still only 24 :x::x:


Dear @Michaels Mum, it appears me and you have the same concerns, (it's Han), and I have just wrote in this forum too looking for re-assurance. We will get through this with Michael and finally see a more positive light at the end of the tunnel. Love you :x::x::x:


Hi @Michaels Mum and @Sandy94 .....yes, I had put two and two together! I am glad you are both in this together, supporting each other, but just in case it gets too awkward, Sandy, do you know about Shine Cancer Support which is for younger people with cancer (not that we want to lose you)

I was upset on your behalf to realise about the initial lack of advice about fertility, so now you both have an added difficulty to overcome. That really seems very unfair.

Best wishes to all three of you. :x::x::x:


I’m sorry @Michaels Mum - that really is a blow for Michael, fingers crossed the next sample is one they can store for him. Keep going, and ride out the crappy days, you’ll all get through this.
@Sandy94 I’m part of the Shine Plus One’s Group on Facebook, it’s nice because you can chat with other youngsters in the same boat - both those who are currently supporting their partners with cancer and those who are through it and out the other side. Worth checking it out, if you look for “Shine Cancer Support Plus One’s” it’s a closed Group so you’ll just need to request to join.
Sending love to the both of you :x::x::x:

springer michelle

This is awful having to go through this, I really hope they can help Michael :x::x: