Life with bowel cancer


Done @Alva

Tesco and Dunelm both have toilets which say 'not every disability is visible'


Thanks @Lizalou just shows that progress is taking place


@Alva I’ve signed it too :x::x:


Signed and shared to our local forum :x::x:

Gary not Gavin

Signed but under the disabilities act are we not disabled? Just a question as when leaning from the www it should this.


Hi @Gary not Gavin
I think the point is that 'not all disabilities are visible ' i.e. we are not in wheelchairs so get disapproving looks at minimum and some people have experienced far worse. Do we really want to explain to a horde of militant toilet queuers why we need to use a loo with space and a washbasin?


Thanks @HopsiFAP @sweetcheeks @Gary not Gavin Yes, a cancer diagnosis gives one the status of being legally disabled; people who have had cancer in the past are also covered by the legislation.
I’ve found that if one looks comparatively ‘young’, you can also have a hard time if people see you coming out of an accessible toilet. I was once told off by a wheelchair user, who said I was ‘young enough to make do with an ordinary toilet’. Seems like we all have a lot to learn!

Gary not Gavin

Just asking. I do think we need clean toilets ones with clean running hot water but have been totally lucky enough not to have used any radar disability toilets yet. Disability effects different people but people with wheelchairs do seen insensitive to other disabilities.


Signed :x:


Thanks @Pam that’s great!


Although I agree that we do get some looks, and sometimes hassle, because we don't look disabled, in some ways I can understand it. There have been a number of times that I've waited outside a disabled toilet that was occupied, only to have a parent and small child come out- admittedly looking sheepishly at me with my walking stick, waiting. Also in a pub restaurant a couple of weeks ago, a young woman got up from her table, saying, I'm just going into the disabled one, it's closer! So people do take liberties.