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Being Diagnosed

Hi, my boyfriend is 26 years old and is currently being diagnosed with suspected Bowel and Liver Cancer. He has a history of ulcerative colitis and PSC which we were aware raises the risk of developing Cancer. The hospital we are currently at don't seem to be very helpful as we have had so many mixed messages as to his diagnosis, due to his conditions. We were recently told that they have decided he has cancer based on a single scan. This was shocking an unexpected as he is generally well and healthy and had no real issues. Also we were told on our own and then he was discharged with no support they just said they would contact us with some tests results in a week. I just wondered if anyone has any advise on potential treatments when we have a diagnosis and any support which would be available. Thanks.

Michaels Mum

@Rebecca_OM Hello and I am sorry you find yourself here but it is the best place. My son was diagnosed 2 years ago at 22. He was admitted with very few symptoms and after being fobbed off with you are to young for anything sinister. He had an operation and 6 months chemo. The worst part is the waiting initially. As hard as it seems now once you have a plan it does becomes easier. My advice would be DONT Google you can find out everything you need on this site. I am sure others will be along shortly to offer their support :x::x:


@Rebecca_OM sorry to hear this. This is the hardest time. The not knowing. Stay focused on being told a treatable outcome and diagnosis. Best wishes. Michael

Bear G

Hi @Rebecca_OM

Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you've found us and hope we can be of help to you and your boyfriend.

At this point it's too early to know what treatments he's likely to be offered as this depends on the results of many of the tests to follow.

The best advice at this time is to write down all your concerns and questions and then you'll have a list of things to ask at the next appointment. I must confess that this waiting period is probably the hardest time of the whole process, once the results are in and his treatment plan is in place that'll give you something positive to focus on.

As a clarification point, it's probable that if it is cancer, then he will have bowel cancer that has spread to the liver, rather than having two primary cancers.

I'd strongly suggest not getting lost in Google searches! There's a lot of scary stuff out there, stick to the reputable sites such as Beating Bowel Cancer, MacMillan and cancer research UK.

This charity produces some excellent booklets and this one may be helpful to you both:

As well as this one:

Hope this helps and please ask away if you have any questions.

Big hugs


Just saying 'hello' @Rebecca_PM

The others have already given you lots of advice, but patience is something we have all had to learn. We all seem to spend endless amounts of time waiting for appointments or test results and there is no way to make it easier.

Re being given the diagnosis with no support...that happened to me too. I was diagnosed in July (15) and finally tracked down a specialist nurse in the November. Apparently in my area it is 'patient led' i.e. up to the patient to ask for a nurse. So it might be worth making some hospital phone calls and see if you are entitled to some support.

Best wishes to you both :x::x: