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Younger people with bowel cancer


So I've officially joined the club ☹️

So I've officially joined the club, had my colonoscopy yesterday and came face to face with the little blighter! The endoscopist said it looks fairly easy to remove. He saw a load of polyps, removed the biggest to send for tests.
I'm amazed at how quick everything moves. The hosp called today, they have booked ct scan for next week, a meeting with consultants week after for care plan and then operation should be first week of Jan.
Feel much better now I have a time frame :x::x:


Hi @at2017

I’m sorry you’ve been diagnosed but as you say, at least you now have a clear plan of action! Take care and hope you can enjoy the festivities despite all this going on.

Lots of love,

K ????❤️


Well, @at2017 at least you have an early diagnosis and are not still wondering . I am so glad you saw your GP and got the ball rolling.

Now you know what you are facing, will soon have a plan of action, and even get a proper Christmas .

Let us know when you know the next step, because there will be lots of us with previous experience to support you. :x::x:



OK, so you now have a plan. Good.

Enjoy Christmas and keep us informed.



Thank you guys ?
Full steam ahead with Christmas now!
I have 3 kids including 1 year old twins, so they certainly help to keep my mind off the doom and gloom :x::x:


Oh wow! You certainly have your hands full @at2017

Christmas will be such fun in your house!

K ????❤️


Oh yes!! Never a dull moment!

Quote from @Baxter2:
Oh wow! You certainly have your hands full @at2017

Christmas will be such fun in your house!

K ????❤️


Hello @2017 Glad to heat you have a plan :x:


Hi @at2017 - I’m so sorry you had to join us .. I hope you find this forum useful and comforting during your journey. Stay strong, you can do this ? :x::x::x: