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Beating Bowel Cancer and Bowel Cancer UK merge to save more lives

We're thrilled to announce today (19.12.17) that Beating Bowel Cancer is merging with Bowel Cancer UK to create the UK's leading bowel cancer charity. By joining forces we will save lives, improve quality of life and support all those affected by bowel cancer in the UK. This collaboration will accelerate progress to ensure that by 2050 no-one will die from bowel cancer.

The charity, which will become a legally merged organisation from early January 2018 and have a new name and logo unveiled later in the year, will be headed up by Bowel Cancer UK’s current Chief Executive, Deborah Alsina MBE, and chaired by Patrick Figgis, Global Leader, Health at PwC and a Trustee of Beating Bowel Cancer.

The UK’s leading bowel cancer charity will start with 65 members of staff from the two charities and focus on four key areas:

- Enabling and supporting research;
- Providing support and information for patients and their families each step of the way;
- Transforming awareness and understanding of the disease;
- Campaigning for early diagnosis and best treatment and care for all.

The forum will become a key offering in the support and information portfolio of the new charity and we are excited by the opportunity this presents to develop and extend the reach of this service to more of those affected by bowel cancer – we hope you are too.

If you have any comments or questions please tag me or @mods in this thread.

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That's great news. Hope the Transition goes well. :x:


So so happy for everyone concerned and I hope 2018 will be the start of many wonderful years. :x::x::x::x:


I was really pleased to hear about this, which is great news for everyone who supports the fight against bowel cancer.

Personally, I've never understood why we have two separate charities. Working together, it should be much easier to raise funds and run campaigns.

They also fit together nicely. Bowel Cancer UK do more research, Beating Bowel Cancer has the forum and does more support. Bowel Cancer UK have the Never Too Young campaign, Beating Bowel Cancer has the campaign to lower the screening age.


This sounds really exciting and the merged team will be able to do so much more to raise the profile of beating bowel cancer.


Am so pleased about this. Have never been comfortable with the division and difficult to decide which charity to donate to. Hope the merger will help fundraising.

Bear G

This is just the best possible news for all those affected by bowel cancer.

In my opinion it gives a single point of focus for patients to refer to and combines two great organisations to form one charity dedicated to improving the lives and care of people with bowel cancer.

So happy about this


Fantastic news. I support this 100%.

Lady GT

Another person with a big smile about this. It makes perfect sense to merge the two charities, each bringing their own strengths, and with a single point for fundraising.
Great news!


This is just the best news for us all affected by bowel cancer! Delighted!

K ????❤️


Sounds very positive, what a great aim, no one dying from bowel cancer by 2050. :x::x:


What great news .


This is really great and positive news for the fight against bowel cancer! :x::x:


Absolutely delighted to hear that both organisations have joined forces to tackle bowel cancer; each have their strengths to bring to the table. Exciting times. Hugs, B.


Fantastic news! I think this makes perfect sense and as others have said have always thought the two should be one and struggled to choose which to fund raise for in the past.


Great news, but any chance you could bring the date of 2050 forward a few decades?


Now that is just the best suggestion @Chelts! .........and welcome to the forum from me!

Hope you find it a safe and supportive place to gain information, advice and friendship.

Hope you have had a good Christmas and have a good new year

K ???❤️?


Makes good sense and hope it brings expertise and resources to help make a world class organisation :x::x::x: