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Just a little reminder ??

Hope you guys dont mind, just a little story ? .... So today at work, a colleague said to me "your sooo brave" now me being me (no-confidence and low self-esteem) jumped straight in and said "No, no im not" shaking my head side to side. She put her hand on my shoulder and said "Yes you are, believe me, you are"!! After she had walked away, i sat and thought about it (obviously being at work, i was multi-tasking ?) and i thought -Yes, Yes i am ..... It doesnt matter that a few days ago i worried and having negative thoughts because my CT appointment had dropped on the mat or the fact that i spent yesterday crying and poking my belly cos i thought i had a blockage!! All that doesn't matter because i still woke up this morning, painted on a smile and faced the day! She was right!! Thats strengh!! No matter how hard our days are, we still get up, get dressed and get on with it. I just wanted to remind everyone how brave, strong and beautiful we all are, no matter how hard it gets or how low we feel, we plough thru, tomorrow is always another day we are so very blessed to face, we truly are Brave Souls, sending you all virtual love, your all soooo amazing and i hope you all know your worth and know how fantastic you are! And if no-one told you today "your amazing, your doing a great job" ??? :x::x:


@Sparkles this is such a lovely post and really uplifting, thank you for sharing and hope you have a wonderful Christmas :x::x:



Gary not Gavin

You have added a golden smile thank you.


That’s lovely @Sparkles .:x::x:


how lovely and so true ....i am exactly the nurse told me but u r ill its all about u at the minute ....if i didnt smile id not b here. im getting the chance and im gonna take it!! roll on summer :x::x:


Made me tear up, @Sparkles ... Lovely post... Much love and hugs ?


So very true @Sparkles :x::x::x:


Very very very true!! lovely post @Sparkles :x::x::x:


We have all been very brave, but particularly you @Sparkles . You have managed to cheer up everyone else, even on your worst days, and now here you are again, multi tasking !

On a similar note, I have just pointed out to my husband that I feel guilty because I have taken early retirement, (and have had no major health problems for a year!) while he is still battling on at work for both of us.
He says that he would rather have had his side of the deal any day, and that 18 months of operations, ileostomy, chemo, endless tests......I deserve another18 months to catch up (before he retires).

And I am so lucky that I could afford to retire (with some financial juggling) To all those who have had to return to work without any well earned catch-up are all really special!!


Awwh thank you @Sparkles. You are brave :x::x::x:


Lovely post and so true. Will re read this when I’m having a bad day. :x::x::x:


This is a lovely post @Sparkles and thankyou for sharing with us. Look how many smiles you have raised. That is just priceless. Have a wonderful, sparkly Christmas ?:x::x:


Thank you @Sparkles <3 :x::x::x:


Just incase anyone needs reminding again what an amazing job were all doing!! The power of positivity really does make a difference, it may not beable to change anything but it most certainly helps us deal with the hand thats dealt to us ?

Kathy L


I like your style @Kathy L ? :x::x:


Love that one @Kathy L !



Great post @Sparkles Just had my cup of positivitea (love that) @Kathy L put on my brave girl pants and plucked up the courage to call the Ward Sister about my 4th hospital admission just to see what the bed situation is like. I wasn't supposed to call until Sunday but my lovely niece, an oncology nurse suggested it might ease my anxiety over the possibility of another cancellation. It has. The moment I said my name the Ward Sister told me they've had a message "do not cancel" she didn't even have to look. Let's just hope the people running ITU have had the same message!


@Sparkles that is an amazing post. Thank you!! ? Yes you are very brave and a wonderful encourager . My husband has the the chance and he is amazing he gets on with his life in fact today he is painting the kitchen ? love to you ♥️