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Barbie butt surgery.....wound healing....

So after my ileostomy reversal and the fistula that formed due to the metastases discovered in my lungs and the need to get to chemo asap and not be bouncing in and out of hospital trying repair the fistula I opted for abdominoperineal resection of rectum with a permanent colostomy - or barbie butt surgery as they call it in the USA.

I'm doing alright, stomach seems to have recovered well and stoma working fine. Its the wound where they have sewn my bottom up that is taking its time, I can't sit down and can only stand or lay down at nearly 2 weeks out from surgery. Does anyone have anu experience of this surgery and how long its likely to take for me to start feeling more comfortable? I'm starting to think I'll be eating Christmas dinner standing up......


Sorry you are slow to heal @Scattyblonde , big hugs, I had a abdominal drain wound that wouldn't heal and they put my on a vacuum pump to get things moving. Hope they can sort something out for you soon :x::x::x:


@Scattyblonde you may get more answers on the IA Forum.


Sorry you’re suffering with your bottom wound @Scattyblonde .It’s all fairly normal. I was uncomfortable for quite a few weeks but my hospital lent me a special donut shaped cushion which helped massively. See if yours might do the same. You could speak to your colorectal nurse. Alternatively Amazon probably sell similar ring cushions . :x:


Thanks all!

@pjs what is the IA forum?


@Scattyblonde the Ileostomy forum but IA forum should bring up the site. A few people on there have 'Barbie Butts'. Hope all is OK now. Penny :x:


Hi @Scattyblonde

I’m glad to hear your surgery is done and dusted but sorry that you’re suffering still with your newly fashioned bottom! Apart from the need to be upright a lot of the time over Christmas, it sounds like a good excuse to lay out on the sofa for frequent rests and be waited upon!

It’s probably too late for Santa to bring you a donut cushion but maybe you can order one on amazon as @crispy suggests and it will arrive just after?

Wishing you, your hubby and children a wonderful Christmas and hope you can sit down for your turkey!

Lots of love,

K ???❤️?


Hi @Scattyblonde, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your new butt! I had the same surgery in March 2015. Unfortunately there isn't much more useful that I can add other than to give it time :) I may have had different advice to some of the people who have already commented but I was told to avoid ring cushions as they would pull the wound apart and instead was given an inflatable cushion usually used in wheelchairs by my nursing team. Hope it heals up quick and you have a great Christmas. :x:


Hello, can I ask some questions???please.
I have had a ileostomy and a Barbie butt done thought I would have a crack line when I eventually woke up out of my psychotic episodes 4 days later. At home recovering laying on the sides as told by the team very hard to do and also told not to sit down for 4 to 6 weeks. I lay on the bed and go for walks seems I am not aloud to do much more that that in case of hernia.
How long does it take to sit comfortably after recovery?
My scars are drying out did you use bio oil when you was aloud?
How long did you wear protective pants etcfor?

Just want to be normal again feel like an alien with big arse but that's the pull up pants as well.

Thanks for you help George. :x:


Could I ask what is the procedure name of what I have had done called. Yes I do understand I have had a ileostomy but it's the Barbie butt bit not sure of the technical name for that as don't have a follow up until the 18th June.

Thanks for you help George. :x:.


Hi @george1960 The name of your procedure is an abdominoperineal resection or AP resection. The perineal area is around the anus, the abdo is the tummy so an AP resection literally means moving the perineal area up to the tummy.

Hope this helps.
Jani 😊


Thank you Jani I looked at the hospital discharge sheets, Dr Google, and thought about conversation with Dr before don't think the name of the procedure came up only what they would be doing.

Jani that helps thank you :x: