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Younger people with bowel cancer


New spread


It has been a while since I posted on the forum but I do drop in time to time. Feeling slightly numb as have been told I need a Liver Resection in early January. The Oncologist has found a spot and said he thinks this is 80% cancer and 20% not. On the plus side the spot they are worried about is small and I will not need chemo before or after as I am 4 years on from bowel cancer. I also have a good chance of cure. I really valued the suport of my forum friends when battling cancer the first time around and I think I will be needing you again.
It looks like op will be at Hammersmith. But determined to give cancer a bloody good boot up the you know what lol.


Polly 1

What fantastic news @nat :x:


Just had my first successful 6 month check since the op and all clear. Will remain on checks for another 5 years due to the blip with Liver but feel very blessed to be coming up to the 5 year mark on 26 th October :x::x:


This is brilliant news @nat. So happy for you :x::x:


Great news @nat :x::x::x:


Great news @nat, it is so important to share the positive results as it gives us so much more hope. Go and celebrate šŸŽ‰šŸ·:x::x::x:


Great news @nat.......good luck :x:

El Ivan

Fantastic news @nat šŸ˜ƒ:x::x:


Great news @nat! :x::x:

Polly 1

Brilliant news :x::x:


Brilliant news @nat. Thanks for updating us :x:


Fantastic news @nat ! V well done šŸ‘ u. All the v best :x:


Great news @nat, and lovely to hear from you.:x::x:


Great update @nat! I hope you're planning a celebration for the 26th!

Loads of love


Bear G

Fab news @nat!


Brilliant news @nat. :x:


Lovely news @nat, - thank you for sharing šŸ˜€, take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Good news @nat :x: :x:


Yay @nat . I am bloody thrilled to be reading this!!! Lots of love girlie.:x: :x:


Thank you guys for all your support. I was actually quite nervous of this check up but blessed that it was good news and they will keep a close eye for another 5 years. Best wishes and good luck to all those going through treatment at the moment :x::x:


YES!! @nat ! delighted for ya!! :x: