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Quite worried, right shoulder pain

Hi everyone. I am experiencing pain in my right upper arm for a week or so which is now in my shoulder. It’s quite painful and I am having to take medication. This has me worried as I believe I read somewhere that it could mean something to do with Mets to liver or lung. I had a liver resection 18 months ago for two small Mets and my September scan was clear but I do now how things can change quickly. I don’t see my onc till January and hate being so worried over the holidays. Any advice is appreciated.


My shoulder pain is either referred pain from wind or in November is was pluresy which a few days of anti inflammitories sort out. Heat helps on the site and stomach :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Evelyn
It’s natural that any pain is a worry for us, but if course a painful shoulder could mean any one of dozens of things, including a strained shoulder.
The only way to know and put your mind at rest is to see a doctor.
I’d recommend calling your GP surgery/ out of hours / 111
Please do it tomorrow so you have peace of mind for Christmas
Big hugs


I agree with @Bear G ‘s advice @Evelyn

In all the time I had a fair sized liver met before my resection and more recently new little liver mets, I’ve never had a sore arm/shoulder. I guess this could be a number of things and the only way to find out is to see a doctor.

Will you let us know how you go? Good luck!

Sending best wishes,

K ???❤️?


On the other hand @Evelyn, i have an ongoing painful shoulder, flares up intermittently, started long before diagnosis, worse during chemo, recently much better due to lots of pilates. (The top of my right arm hurts or the knobbly bit at the front of my shoulder, ibuprofen gel helps)

Have you been carrying more shopping or lying funnily or doing anything else that may have aggravated it?


Thank you all for your replies@Lizalou@Baxter2@Bear G@finky8. It will practically be impossible to see a dr at this time of year unless I go to emerg. I know it could be a number of things but my imagination takes over. Your replies are reassuring. I will try ibuprofen in the meantime. Happy holidays.

Bear G

Hi @Evelyn
Just realised you’re in Canada ??
Not sure how you access docs over there, is there any number you can call other than going to an emergency room?


Hi @Evelyn I've had liver and lungs mets and in my personal experience I have never noticed increased shoulder pain due to this. Maybe after Christmas, if you're still concerned, seek some medical reassurance. I know how these things can hang over you. I once had a lump on my elbow and after quite rightly flapping, it turned out to be tennis elbow! Don't even like tennis! I hope you're feeling a little better and the ibuprofen does the trick for you.
Happy holidays :x::x: