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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Back in the world of hope

Hi all
Just wanted to share a current mind set am emjoying to all other Stage 4’s...whilst enjoying life and busy with kids I was finding myself leaning towards acceptance of shorter life likely and decided today, sod that. Have hope and optimism about treatment whether it is chemo / immunology or more surgery and upping all my natural fighters the green tea / turmeric etc than even my Prof thinks worth a punt. And instead of on low energy days just taking kids to park, shall run around Whipsnade exhausted but laughing and watching the penguins (albeit one shall drive on!) Cancer may well laugh at me at my next scan but I won’t let ruin my now or the days I’m well. Hope this post might sprinkle some magic to all of us. Keeping hoping and have faith and everyone have a wonderful Christmas :x::x::x:
Ps I will be thinking of all those who have passed but also raising a class to the Stage 4 legends that is @Bear G @Baxter2 @Pitstop @blueorchid @Chris82 @Katnot28 @DianeS @mem @Tiffany (hubby!) @GD1962 @KenC @Alwyn @Highkaren @Bridget55 @LankyYankee @vt and high five to the BRAF team @fnkyf8 @david watt @Buzylizzy @Mum37 :x::x::x::x:


Haha thanks @Chris82! :x:


I need to tag everyone really but it’s time for bed!! @Swanseacat @rebeccao and you :x::x::x:

david watt

@HH79 sounds like you and @Buzylizzy have a lot in common, both braf, both 2 kids, Midlands, one done hipec one wanting hipec etc.

Bear G

You're definitely a stage 4 legend @HH79 !
Absolutely agree with you on this approach, I don't hide from the fact I have cancer but I'm absolutely loving life and welcome my Chemo as something that's there to help me.
Driving up to the midlands today for a family Christmas ?
Big hugs


I love this picture for how great Chemo is!! Have lovely Christmas all xxx


Good morning @HH79 thank you for posting such lovely heartfelt words. You are a legend too, and we are all in this together. We all have our separate aims and goals with cancer treatment, but at the end of the day we are all praying for the same thing, the thing that we love but somehow gets taken for granted far too often. Having cancer has certainly shown me how precious our lives are, but also sad that it has taken the lives of some of our lovely forum friends. Let’s remain living in the now, the best place to be! The now is full of hope, strength and positivity. Have a wonderful
Christmas and a very healthy 2028. Love D :x::x::x::x::x:


What a great post, happy Christmas to you all :x::x:


Lol @HH79 that’s the attitude!!! Merry Xmas to all :x::x:


Lovely post @HH79 and all the others. That’s the spirit. With you on this all the way. Have a fabulous festive season everyone :x::x:


Have a super lovely Christmas @HH79 & everybody else!! ??? :x::x::x:


Thank you, @HH79 , for your positive and uplifting post. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and sending you healing hugs. :x::x:


Thanks for this @HH79 - lovely words of hope. :x:


@HH79 you are a legend gorgeous! I'm with you on the positivity front. I refuse to allow cuncer to ruin whatever life I have left! Here's to a happy and healthy 2018 for us all! :x::x::x:


Hi @HH79 your post really helped me. I have been feeling quite down, upset about the deaths this year and worrying about treatment options. It just reminded me that I do still have options and as you said other things are becoming available to us all the time. Onwards and Upwards for all of us. :x::x::x:


I’m taking a leaf out of your book too @HH79!

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning having chemo all day and MDT meeting in Basingstoke. It was down to earth with a big bump this morning after the lovely Christmas. As you say @Alwyn, onwards and upwards we go!

K :x::x::x:


❤️ @HH79 :x::x::x::x:


@HH79 , what a legend you are , Geoff final staging was dukes A T2
Which if I understand correctly was stage 1 , But he has lost any optimism at all , won’t even try to live life , if only I could get him read your post, admiration doesn’t even come close to how you have made me feel , go kick Cancer arse !!!!
Tracey :x::x:


Hi @HH79

Happy new year :x::x::x:


Hello @GD1962! Happy new year to you too and I hope you’re resting up and enjoying the new year tele. James Bond Spectre is on tonight 8pm it’s supposed to be one of the best - I am a Daniel Craig fan! :x:


@HH79 ... I'm with you girl ... I had become a little down learning of the loss of some beautiful people but I'm back in the moment with optimistic pants , courageous boots and. Back pack full of optimism........ I'm ready for the journey.

Big hugs to you :x::x::x: