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General Discussion


The most thoughtful gift ever????

I have a rather amazing friend who has been a phenomenal support to me through all of this and who made me for Christmas the most wonderful gift I thought I'd share xxx


@fnkyf8 awww that is an amazing present #blessed :x::x:


What a thoughtful thing to do @fnkyf8. These things don't even have to cost a lot but they can make a huge difference. Thanks for sharing the idea and keep us up to date with the extra special notes! :x:


How absolutely lovely @fnkyf8

You can cherish this forever.

Love and hugs,

K ???❤️?


Awwww @fnkyf8 what a beautiful friend and such a lovely idea :x::x::x::x:

springer michelle

What an amazing friend you have. Cherish that :x::x:


Such a lovely gift!


Oh my goodness @fnkyf8 , that is beautiful. :x::x::x:

Lady GT

Oh my goodness @fnkyf8 , that is wonderful. WHAT a friend - you are lucky to have each other.
It's making me smile right now, thinking of all those posts we read on the forum about how people don't know what to say when you have cancer.
Well, Anna just knocked it out of the park!

Thank you for sharing.


@fnkyf8 the gift is beautiful your friends sounds wonderful and has so much compassion for you.Thanks for sharing :x::x:

Kathy L

Just love it! You obviously deserve to have such a wonderful thoughtful friend!


What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. It just amazes me how through the darkness of such a scary, unknown diagnosis - somehow sunshine and rainbows can appear and open your eyes to the love and generosity of people around you. ?❤️