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Kathy L

Digital Legacy Association

When faced with an uncertain further we immediately think about our wills and power of attorneys. Don't forget passwords to online banking and other such accounts.
I recently listened to a radio program about an organisation called " digital legacy association." They have a web site and would definitely be worth a look. ( sorry, I T lodite can't do a link I just googled it. )I never gave a thought to things like what happens to your facebook account, Twitter, Instagram etc. With FB you can nominate someone to manage it or close it. Apparently easy. Stuff that has been bought and downloaded cannot be passed on. Somethings just disappear ......
It was something I hadn't even considered ....Amazon, eBay,
Of course this stuff can be sorted as and when but it might be worth looking into and the presenter suggested taking it as seriously as making a will.

It hopefully will be of Use and interest to you. We take the digital technology for granted.
If I can find the podcast I'll post where to find it.
When I have sleepless night I listen to the radio. Without my glasses I don't know what I'm pressing! This was something I found....:x:

Kathy L

"People should leave clear instructions about what should happen to their social media, computer games and other online accounts after their death,” – The Law Society (UK).

The only program I can find that discussed this is Joan Bakewell. "We need to talk about death" series 2, BBC iPlayer radio. Worth listening to.


Thanks @Kathy L for this, something I'd never considered before but worth adding to the "to do" list. There is so much on digital media it's hard keeping track of everything. :x::x:


Thank you @Kathy L. This is really useful. I’ve downloaded the excel template and completed it. Still some WIP but a very useful framework to capture our intentions re Digital assets. Thank you Bridget

Bear G

I’m tagging @RosemaryA and @"Sarah-support and information" to see if the office could look into this when they’re back next week


Thanks for sharing. This is something I’ve thought about in the past. All I did at the time was nominate my husband for Facebook, but the template looks like something useful to do too and put with my will.

Kathy L

Hi everyone. Do try and listen to the program I mentioned. It gives lots of info and interviews. In fact....although the title is a little off putting it is really interesting with lots of discussions and advice.


Hi @Kathy L and others. I have been exploring the BBC Radio 4 website and have found a webpage about the program.

It’s at

I think you may need to register with the BBC in order to use the listen again facility. The page about the
Program also gives links to relevant websites.


Kathy L

@Clarissa! Thank you. I really must get up to speed. Yes that's the program.! Yes registration required ( so long ago I can't remember) and I believe you don't need a T.V. Licence. Think I must have downloaded the app.


@Kathy L great resource, thank you for posting! :x::x:


Hi all - apologies for the delayed response this end. In fact I heard a similar programme a few years ago and the message was the same; namely, that if we don't leave instructions/expression of wish relating to our digital personae, it can be incredibly difficult to resolve for those we leave behind.
I've opted for a low-tech solution, with a printed list of passwords kept in my safe and instructions to my executors to close my accounts. However, @Bear G @Chris82 @"Sarah-support and information", perhaps we can review at the upcoming moderators meeting to see if it's appropriate for the charity to produce formal policy advice on this?


Really interesting info - thank you for the link. I think it would be great if the charity had formal policy advice on it..... I have just started working on tidying up my digital footprint!