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Good morning everyone, Lynne has asked me to update you all regarding Barry. Poor Barry was let out of hospital on Thursday, and rushed back in on Friday afternoon, then transferred to a ward at 12:30pm. He is suffering infection after infection leading to sepsis, and his immune system is struggling. Lynn is so brave and holding it all together but is so drained and emotional, and only got back from the hospital in the small hours of this morning. Please help me wish Barry well and to let Lynn know what a brilliant job she is doing. Times are so hard for such a lovely family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hi @lynn collier. What a difficult and worrying time for you. He’s a real fighter. Let’s hope they get to the bottom of the infection. Sounds like you have a plan for him to be at home which sounds encouraging. Hugs as you approach the New Year. Love Bridget :x::x:


Sending love strength and every positive vibe I can muster to @lynn collier and Barry. Thinking of you both and hoping they can get on top of things very soon.
Jane :x::x::x:


Thinking of you both @lynn collier :x::x::x::x:


Sorry to read your post @lynn collier, sending you both love, courage and strength for the tough days that you both have ahead of you. Love and hugs to you both :x::x::x::x:

El Ivan

Sending you both my best wishes. @lynn collier :x:


Thinking of you both @lynn collier :x::x:


@lynn collier thinking of you and Barry and hope things improve for him. :x::x:

lynn collier

Thank you all feeling so sad my daughter breaking her heart we don’t want no one to wish us happy new year hard as it may seem but we know what lays ahead :x::x::x::x::x:


Its so upsetting watching those we love upset, I feel for you. It does sound encouraging that they have a better plan for his discharge home this time. Sending lots of love :x::x:


Sending love @lynn collier and thinking of you all :x::x:


Glad you have been able to update us, thank you @lynn collier. I am pleased that they are throwing everything at this awful infection and that they have a long term plan. Don't forget to look after will need all your strength again once Barry is home so make sure you eat well and get lots of rest while you can. Love and strength to you both.


Oh @lynn collier I am so very sorry. My thoughts are with you. Love and Hugs. :x::x::x::x:


Hi @lynn collier hope he gets better soon and he is in the right place . Take care of yourself sweetie . Hugs :x::x::x:


Thinking of you and Barry @lynn collier and I hope he is feeling better soon ?? :x::x:


Sending kind thought to you, Barry and your family @lynn collier. I hope there is a change for the better now that the Antibiotics should have kicked in! Best wishes. :x::x::x:


@lynn collier thinking of all the family :x::x: