Life with bowel cancer



Since Xmas Day I've had a very distended upper/lower stomach which is making me feel very uncomfortable. It's not bloating as I haven't overdone it food wise and wind is coming out. I'm passing stools and as of last CT scan no new sites and all stable.

Could it be ascities in my abdomen? What other symptoms would I have?

Many thanks Kate :x::x::x:


Thanks guys. As I never usually ring they know when I do it's because I really need to see someone! Hopefully I just need to stick a pin in it and it'll go down lol

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow :x::x:


@fnkyf8 good luck today :x::x:


Hope all goes well today :x::x:


Hi @fnkyf8 how’d you get on lovely :x::x:


Thank you so much for checking up on me.

It's good news it's not fluid it's POO!!!! I have never been constipated in my life. I had a partial obstruction caused by my right hemi join. Turns out my faeces had backed up right up my small bowel to my stomach causing the feeling full and massive bloating.
It's gone down slightly and my oncologist has advised me to drink plenty and go down to 4 loperamide tablets. He was pleased to see me and said I absolutely did the right thing.

So it's not cancer related at all just bowel and easily treatable. Didn't even mention going back on treatment. Tired is from body working so hard to move it and the fact that I couldn't eat much.

I've been advised to be off work next week to regain my strength which I am going to do. So as it stands next CT scan beginning of March and see Oncologist end of March.

Slight down side was sticking out rib they thought was fractured rib turns out to be met in rib. He'll give me a shot of Radiotherapy if pain starts but said it does look like it is starting to heel itself.

I also asked to be referred for counselling today which my colorectal nurse said absolutely fine I should hear from them next week.

Really happy good news. Mum and I went out for celebratory Costa and cake lol.

Love and hugs to all :x::x::x::x::x:


Lots and lots of really positive news @fnkyf8. I am so pleased. Even a rib met healing on its good is that! Now you can concentrate on getting your life back and a counsellor is a good place to start. :x::x:

david watt

@fnkyf8 you are a teacher or work in a school, stage 4 cancer, kids, 6 months full pay 6 months half pay, then medical retirement, why continue to go to work?

Bear G

That’s all great news @fnkyf8 and such a relief.
Sounds like you’ve got a really lovely team looking after you.
Good luck for what’s likely to be a very big poo!!!


Hi @fnkyf8

Marvellous news and seems that you have a brilliant team taking good care of you. :x:


@fnkyf8, such a relief for you, and us! Take it easy, if you can.:x::x:


Hello @fnkyf8 and @david watt

I was intrigued by David's advice about continuing to work, with six months full pay and six months half pay then I think that this is worth consideration. I get two months sick pay but got a substantial life insurance pay out before CRS and HIPEC, but my mortgage insurer has not paid out a bean but not to worry.

Equally, I have booked two sessions in the walk in centre as an advanced nurse practitioner and two sessions as an out of hours pharmacist, but it's not about the money more it will be very therapeutic to treat patients and interact with people. So, I fully understand why you may wish to continue doing some teaching.

I'm having upgrades to the house and garden completed as it will make my quality of life and partners circumstances more comfortable, a little holiday abroad and my tour of Scotland in a luxury camper van great fun. I never worry about death really, just as long as I get my last rights and doped up with plenty of midazolam to slip into a coma then I will be fine.

Don't worry about my partner as I know he will have a loving family that will look after him, house paid off and some money which means he can just work part time or not at all. What more could I ask for. And if I get a few extra years then well that is a bonus.

All the best

Gerry :x:


Hi @GD1962, sorry to hijack your post. I too am intrigued about life assurance payout. How come they paid out before your op?
My late husband's life assured paid out but that was on the basis of he only had three months to live. Perhaps I ought to read the small print to see if they pay out on stage 4 cancer patients. And will anyone then insure me again or is that it? Finito.
Are you feeling more energised now? You are doing incredibly well.:x::x:

Bear G

Can I suggest moving the chat about insurance payouts etc to a different discussion?
That way this thread is about what’s happening with @fnkyf8 and her fab team.
And the separate discussion on finance and insurance would be searchable.


Thanks guys big relief all around.

In answer to your question @david watt I do indeed work in a secondary school teaching SEN children and I absolutely love it. For me it's my mental sanity. It's where I'm not cancer Kate or mum, I'm just me doing a job I love and without sounding big headed am pretty flipping good at. I work with a phenomenal team and kids. Most of the time I manage the term, with if I'm lucky no blips or just the odd one. They have treated me fantastically, right from diagnosis as I'd only been there 4 mths When I was diagnosed. If I'm at home I get bored easily and long to be there. I know the day will come when I can no longer manage it but until then I intend to work for as long as I can :x::x::x::x:


Was lovely to read your update and that it wasn't anything sinister @fnkyf8 you are an inspiration :x::x:


Great news about the ? situation @fnkyf8! Good luck!



Hi @fnkyf8 delighted with your update! Really impressed at how quickly your Onc got you in and resolved it all too. Well done :x::x:


Great to read your update @fnkyf8 - especially the bit about the rib met resolving. Love to know more about that. Sounds as if you have an amazing team.


Thanks @CD1966 tbh I'm not too sure. But from what I can gather is the met is growing in the rib which is causing it to distend. You can feel it on the outside as I'm such a skinny Minnie these days and see it on the CT scan however it is bright white on the scan which means the bone is growing and heeling and squishing the met in the middle. Hope that makes sense :x::x:


That sounds very positive @fnkyf8 !