Life with bowel cancer


constant bowel leakage

My partner Des suffers badly from this indignity and wonders if anyone can give guidance or general comments as to how this can be dealt with .
It has reached the stage where is no longer confident around other people due to this and dreads going out as it comes on anytime/anywhere and is most stressful.
the longest discharges covered 23 in one day and appears to be getting more aggressive and regular.
thanks for having read this.


hi James, does Des have a stoma bag is that why he is suffering from leakage?? My hubby has one (for a year now) and found it the most degrading thing about having bowel cancer. He was totally ruled by it. We were given some wonderful tips on this site, including eating Jelly babies and taking loperamide before every meal. It does get better, (I cant believe we have got this far) as today Steve was told he could have it reversed and his operation is planned for 26th January. He is so excited!! There is always someone here who can offer the support you need - without them we would never have got this far.
Hope this helps a little??
Toni :x::x::x::x::x::x:


No he has yet to undergo treatment starting on 10th of this month a 5 week radiotherapy course then later down the line follow up surgery-this discharge has been ongoing for a good couple of months or more and it is ruining his life and stripping him of personal pride and dignity-I thank you for your welcome response.


@JAMESC.. That’s tough, is the leakage of small amounts of stool throughout the day without warning? Does Des use any kind of pads/protection? My dad had similar after his stoma reversal and still does at times and found the Always nighttime pads useful although there may be better alternatives now. Sorry if you are already doing this - just wanted to say it just in case ? :x::x:


Des is such a proud and until of late a very independent man who took great pride in his personal appearance and the humility of having to wear pads or other protectors is one he states clearly he will not even consider.
The leakages consist of pinky coloured mucus-can discharge blood-he passes very little amounts of stools usually of soft matter it has reached a level where he has to change under garments several times a day even trying to clean them by himself thinking that I do not know he is doing this.
Another give away is that he uses spray deodorants to mask the odour and he would never in the past use such products preferring to use roll on types.
There are so many on going issues he is experiencing and the fast approach of his radiation treatments which start a week today are weighing heavily on his mind.
A plus point is that he has been told by the heart consultant that there is no reason to prevent him form making a. good recovery as all the exercising he has done has made this possible-he really did look after himself.
On the cancer front its at stage 1 level and has not spread to date-so if he endures the 25 days of radiotherapy and rests for a while afterwards-then surgery should work in his favour.
I have been an outreach/support worker covering a host of support disciplines both social/health care I know what person centred support means and subsequent continual risk assessing, and I seem to be doing to much risk assessing according to Des-and I know there is truth in that.
He told me to just go with the flow, allow him to be him under the present circumstances he finds himself in and do not be overly concerned-he reminds me his logic and brain functions are in full working order-so I realise I may have to monitor less and just let Des be Des.
That wont be easy for me to do but I must respect his wishes and try to restore some form of normality into this muddled situation.
He misses driving his car which only has 100 miles on the clock-he only got it a couple of months back its a fiat panda cross and he was proud to be the first owner of one in Paisley.
I suppose overall its the little things that can mean so much in times of uncertainty like these and people like you make things happen just by being there and showing sensitivity and warmth so I thank you for all of that it is indeed much appreciated.