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Jacey Connell 74

Crap start to new year - Oxy advice

Hi All

Sorry I haven’t posted for ages. Saw oncologist today. Not good news. Spread in liver,lungs and abdo. So starting on second line chemo which is oxy. Any helpful advice and hints will be appreciated :x::x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74, sorry to hear your news. I have only had 5 cycles so far with oxy but being prepared helped a lot with coping with it. Definitely get gloves, I have some attached to the fridge with a magnet, wrap up really warmly even if it doesn’t feel that cold. My main issues are with the cold on my hands and face - can go completely numb sometimes if I underestimate the wind chill - I do get the ‘first bite’ thing too and massage my jaw which resolves it quickly. Have only had heartburn since cycle 4 so going to try Omeprazole for that as I have some. Take all of the steroids they give you - I stopped early the first time which was a mistake- I find that dex and domperidone help the most with the nausea. Good luck with it all and fingers and toes crossed for good results. Jane :x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74.
My mother is on her 8th cycle of oxy. She's had 1 cold sore..the odd occasion of sore gums..think she had 1 episode of pins and needles when she touched a cold gate straight after her having her chemo..but besides that she has found it more manageable than folfiri.
It hasn't hampered her energy levels. She still has more energy than me about the house.
Her CEA is down from 70 odd to 4.5 after 6 cycles..and she has had shrinkage to her cancer it's doing its job so far.
No reason why oxy can't do the same for you and better..and with no impact to your daily activities.


Hi @Jacey Connell 74. I had six cycles of Oxy in combo with Fleurouracil (spelling?) and mostly had no trouble apart from the second cycle which is when the Christie adjusted the dose. There was the neuropathy in the fingers but really that was all. I didn't have the throat spasms at all.
All my very best wishes to you.


Hi @Jacey Connell 74 . Sorry to hear your news. I've had oxy in the past and it worked so well I was able to have surgery so I hope it does the same for you. All of the above all apply except the 'first bite' eating thing with me. Definitely take a scarf with you to the hospital as you'll need to wear it from the moment you leave. I made the mistake of drinking cold water when out shopping one day. Quite scary but once you've had that first spasm you tend to be even more careful!! My Aunty bought me some 'hot rocks' from Amazon. They're like the hand warmers you can get but are recharged using a USB rather than boiling them. These were a fantastic item. Hope it all goes well. :x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74 so sorry to hear your latest update. I had 12 cycles of Oxy and my advice would be not to fear it. As we know everyone reacts differently and I do think this is a very good treatment. Just be prepared with warm drinks and hat, gloves and a scarf, especially in the wind and cold. I always took a flask of warm water to have on the way home. We are all here to support you, and answer any questions, the main thing is that this will get the blighters. Love and hugs D :x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74

I managed to avoid oxy so have no advice but just want to commiserate about your scan results. ...what a nasty start to the new year. But as others have said, it sounds as if the oxy is good stuff and you will see excellent results.

Love and hugs from along the coast, moving quickly towards you in this wind! :x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@DianeS Thank you. I had 20 cycles of folfiri. Did you have sickness? Nausea? I have suffered really bad with Folfiri. :x::x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@Lizalou Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated :x::x:


Definitely, bring it on @Jacey Connell 74! Sending you love and a huge hug :x::x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74 Oxy worked very well on my little blighters as well. Things I found that worked.

White gloves from boots. Cotton but thin enough you can still do stuff
Find lots of fruit tea you like as normal tea/coffee will get boring
Clean teeth in warm water I forgot about that first time didn't again lol
Pain in eyes from cold tears (No sob fest films)
Major click in first bite of food from jaw.
Mention any neuropathy to oncologist each visit so they can keep and eye on it (it will get worse as will hair loss once you finish treatment)
Used Flexitol heel balm on feet works wonders
I used to get throat spasm when I went out of treatment room for a wee. Take scarf. Also when I had flush so they used to give me piriton when they put flush through. Worked wonders.
Bulk buy soup for lunch I found anything that came out of fridge too cold to eat.
Write off days 4,5,6 steroids end and Oct kicks in just slept.

Wow sorry about long list. Hope it helps and you fly through with few side effects.

Hugs Kate :x::x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74 I was on Folfox 4. I did have nausea to begin with but was given Emmend which really did help. I also found eating little but often helped. Hope all goes well for you love D :x::x::x:


Hi @Jacey Connell 74 , I’m so sorry to read this news. I started my oxy in the month of January and was warned by the Viking Unit nurses to wrap my scarf round my mouth and keep my face and hands really warm as I left the unit. It was good advice as the reaction to the cold can feel strange! Hoping the oxy knocks those mets into oblivion. Text /ring me if you ever need to. Lots of love. :x::x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

Thanks Hun Xx

Quote from @angepange:
Hi @Jacey Connell 74 , I’m so sorry to read this news. I started my oxy in the month of January and was warned by the Viking Unit nurses to wrap my scarf round my mouth and keep my face and hands really warm as I left the unit. It was good advice as the reaction to the cold can feel strange! Hoping the oxy knocks those mets into oblivion. Text /ring me if you ever need to. Lots of love.

Bear G

Hi @Jacey Connell 74
I'm sorry to hear about the further spread but glad to hear that you and your team are on top of things and you're teed up for you new Chemo.
It's understandable to be nervous of oxaliplatin, as with any chemo it can have bad side effects (emphasis here on CAN, not WILL), but that the same as with any potent treatment - and it is very effective.
My best advice is to approach this with the positivity you've tried to apply throughout this, oxaliplatin is your friend and ally and is there to help you beat the blighters. I haven't been on it yet so can't give any specific practical advice but there have been some good tips from the others.
Good luck for the start of this next phase of your treatment, when they're setting up that first infusion remember to smile at it as it's there for you.
Big hugs


@Jacey Connell 74 Sorry to heartthat you've another hurdle to jump. Sending you love and strength to deal with it. :x::x::x:


I’m so sorry to read your news @Jacey Connell 74 but on the plus side......there’s a plan for treating the little blighters once again!!

Stick in there! We’re all right beside you!

Lots of love,

K ????❤️


We are thinking of you @Jacey Connell 74. Hoping that you are one of the lucky ones on Oxy and have little or no complications. As @Bear G says, not everyone will have bad side effects. Some have side effects with Folfiri, but my husband is tolerating it fine, so far!

All the very best of luck to you! :x::x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@Bear G @springer michelle @Baxter2 @LABluebell @LynneW Thankyou for your support. Sorry I haven’t been on forum been having lots of retail therapy,coffee and cake. I have my big girl pants on as normal service has resumed. I shall be kicking cancers butt. Bring it on :x::x::x: