Younger people with bowel cancer


Bowel cancer symptoms, really worried

Hello, I'm a 23 year old male, overweight and have a job where I'm sitting down all day, so maybe hemmorhoids? Anyways since October I've been finding on and off blood on my stools, usually on the surface and bright red, on occasions the blood seems to be almost soaked into the surface of the stool, I've been finding that I've been getting stomach aches too that are relieved by going to the toilet and on multiple I've had extreme cramps in my stomach while actually passing stool, I'm going insane and think it's colon cancer for sure, I had really bad anxiety and I think this is making my stomach issues even worse, can someone help? I'm gonna ring the doctor tomorrow and go and get checked out and see what he says, should I push for a colonoscopy or not? Do these symptoms sound like bowl cancer?


Hi @Kawtri, when you speak to your doctor, hopefully he/she should mention a colonoscopy or a CT scan. There are lots of other things that it could be ie. an anal fissure, diverticulitis, etc. BUT it is extremely important to find out what it really is! As you are young, there may be difficulty getting your GP to organise the treatment. Insist that they check you out thoroughly!

Any abnormal bleeding should be investigated! Best of luck, please let us know what the results were! :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Kawtri
Thank you for posting this and it's important that you follow up on these symptoms with your GP as you planned. There are lots of things that this could be other than bowel cancer but it's important to get them checked.
As you said, it could well be haemorrhoids and it's quick and easy to check this. If it is then it's also very easy to treat.
Your GP will very likely do something called a PR exam (per rectum) where they put their thumb up to try to feel for abnormalities, this could be all that's needed. They probably also do a poo test and may refer you to get a further exam with a tube stuck up (a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy).
The most I,portent thing is to get things checked.
Please let us know how you get on.


Hello @Kawtri

Just about to agree totally with @LynneW and Bear has beaten me to it!

I hope you get some answers very soon and that it turns out to be something that is easily put right.

Best wishes. :x:


Hi @Kawtri I am so pleased you are getting this checked out, as many put it off. As others have said, this could be many things do try not to let your imagination run wild. However I know how difficult it is not to. Hope you find out quickly to stop you worrying. Take care Diane :x::x:

mr rusty

Hi @Kawtri I cannot emphasize strongly enough how you must insist on a colonoscopy. This sounds very much like my symptoms (read my story by clicking on my name). Don't be fobbed off. A colonoscopy will 100% diagnose whether there is something there. Of course, there are other reasons why you can get blood in stools, and it isn't unknown sadly for GP's to suggest other causes and delay/watch and wait. With colon cancer early diagnosis is so important. Unfortunately statistics show only around 4% of colonoscopies actually detect anything, and as NHS resources are not unlimited, there is some rationing of access. Let us know how you get on. Good luck!


Hi @Kawtri, How are things? Have you heard anything? Been wondering how you ae getting on! Hope all ok! :x::x::x:


Hi @Kawtri .
Any news, did you manage to get referred for colonoscopy? I have exact same sympthoms as you. Most concerning is the pain when needing to go to the toilet and when passing the stool.
I got cancer referral for colonoscopy. You should push in your doctor to check it out and hopefully it's nothing serious