Stage 4 bowel cancer


Do send LankyYankee a cuddle xx

Hi all. Lovely Laura has been having a rough time with pain and if you get chance send her a virtual hug. She’s always so wonderful to any of us when we struggle. Keep looking ahead lovely lady :x::x:

springer michelle

Laura @LankyYankie wanted me to let you know about her mri results. She has been in so much pain. The Mri wasn't good news. Right hip and thigh a are at extremely high risk of breaking due to growth of cancer. She's on bed rest and pain killers in hospital until further notice. Drs and surgeons meeting tomorrow to discuss best option for stabalising her leg and maintaining ability to walk. Keep her in your thought. If, like me you are anyway. :x::x:


@LankyYankee thinking of you & sending love & hugs :x::x::x:


@LankyYankee is an inspiring lady and I'm so sorry to hear about this latest development. Lots of love Laura, and thank you @springer michelle for letting us know. :x::x:


Thinking of @LankyYankee. Hope the doctors get you sorted soon. Sending hugs lovely lady :x::x::x:


So hope the meeting goes well for you tomorrow Laura. We are always thinking of you. Sending love to you and your family as always :x::x::x::x:

Lady GT

Thank you for the update @springer michelle , please do pass on this ((hug)) to @LankyYankee .
I think of her often.


Sending love :x::x:


Here’s hoping the meeting comes up with a good plan @LankyYankee.

Sending all my love



Huge hugs to @LankyYankee, that sucks! Hope the docs can come up with a plan to help. Sending love :x::x::x:


Sending you love and a HUGE hug @LankyYankee and thankyou for letting us know @springer michelle :x::x:


Sending all my love, hope they get you comfortable soon lovely lady ? @LankyYankee :x::x:


sending hugs


So hoping that your team come up with a plan for you,@LankyYankee sending much love and big hugs to one brave strong lady
Kim :x::x:


I am new here but @LankyYankee gave me some useful information when struggling herself. So kind of her. Wishing her all the best :x:


Big hugs @LankyYankee :x::x::x:


Really hoping that @LankyYankee is being well looked after in the hospital and keeping up her strength as much as she can.


Sending big warm hugs @LankyYankee ????


Hoping you get a suitable plan in place quickly.Sending a very gentle hug :x::x: