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Younger people with bowel cancer


Stage 4

Hi everyone,
We’ve had a really tough week so far. Craig was only diagnosed two weeks ago with stage 4 bowel cancer with spread to the liver and peritoneum. All we have been told is that it’s going to be incurable but they can offer chemo as a way of extending life. This is so hard I’m only 20 he’s 26 we had our life’s planned out and it feels like it’s been snatched away by such an awful disease. Hearing you have 6-9 months when you’re 26 years old is soul destroying. Craig picked up a little infection over the weekend which meant he was admitted to hospital for a few days. He’s still not very well although he’s home now so he’s slightly more comfortable. I’m sorry to come here to rant but i sometimes feel that no one understands what we are going through. Some of the stories on here give me some hope and it’s nice to see how supportive you all are. :x::x:


Hi @Rebecca_OM. Don't let what the oncologist tells you define Craig and you and your future. I was told the same 2years ago and I've had bowel surgery, 2 liver resections and HIPEC after good responses to chemo. Unfortunately it's still in my lungs and I'll be starting chemo again soon but I know it's worked before so no reason why it won't a third time. I know it's really really tough and don't get me wrong as I do have my down days, but a positive attitude does wonders.


Hi @Rebecca_OM
I'm having treatment for stage 4 bowel with large liver Mets.
I'm in Blackpool I see your not far away from me x
I've been on chemo for nearly 2 years that has kept everything stable with no further progression.
I have never discussed with my oncologist about prognosis mainly because they cannot possibly know how treatment is going to work for you.
I hope craig starts to feel a bit better soon

El Ivan

Hi @Rebecca_OM I was diagnosed Stage 4 back in Nov 2013. I’ve had 3 Liver resections and hopefully another one coming up. As others have indicated, we’re all different. Good luck x?


Hello Rebecca_OM

I was so sorry to read about your Craig, but similarly diagnosed in June 2017 with peritoneal and liver mets. I was also inoperable and had rotten prognosis, had four cycles of capox and shrank sigmoid colon tumour to nothing and shrinkage of peri and stabilisation of liver mets. Had CRS and HIPEC which can potentially extend survival period and awaiting liver operation in March.

Please don't lose hope ask your surgeon or oncologist for referral to Christies or one of the other peritoneal specialist centres.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @Rebecca_OM

I was also diagnosed with liver and Peritoneal mets 5 months after my initial bowel cancer diagnosis. I was told at the time I’d have 6-9 months to live if my treatment didn’t work but not expected to live beyond a year anyhow. That was two years ago exactly!

I also had Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC at Basingstoke early last year, one of two centres of excellence in the UK. I’m still on chemo and will be indefinitely but overall, I’m doing well. As @GD1962 suggests, please ask for a referral in case your boyfriend is suitable for this surgery.

Sending all my very best wishes to you both,

K ????❤️


Hi guys. Thanks for all the positivity Craigs got his first oncology appointment on Thursday so we’re hoping for some good news. Will keep everyone updated :x::x: