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Stage 4 bowel cancer

Polly 1

Liver clinic

After a CT scan in November showing reduction in the size of the liver and lung mets after 6 rounds of Folfiri/Cetuximab we finally got to see the Birmingham liver team in clinic today.

They have agreed to sign C up for another liver resection operation although they say it will be a very difficult one due to the position of the tumour next to a vein. They have to liaise with Stoke about the lung nodule first to make sure it is resectable so continuing with chemo at the moment. He is due to have treatment number 10 next Wednesday. Once decided there has to be a 6 week gap between chemo and liver operation. So it won't be for at least a couple of months yet. 

So good news as the little blighters need to come out. The lung one will have to come out later I think. It is in the same area as the one resected before in 2016 and the lung surgeon said if it came back he would 'chop it out' so hopefully OK this time as well.

The nurse spotted it was C's birthday today so she and the lady registrar wished him a very happy birthday. She asked what did we want to do now to celebrate his birthday and after a long 7 hour day of travelling and sitting round waiting for a late running clinic we said 'Go Home!'

Polly 1

Thank you @Lizalou that made us laugh but yes a good present from the liver team.
Just had a big slice of the birthday cake I rushed round making last night as I realised I wouldn't have time today.
It is strange telling friends and family about the op as they dont understand it's good news ?


This all sounds very positive to me @Polly 1

Enjoy the rest of the birthday celebrations and cake!


El Ivan

Sounds really positive @Polly 1 ! I’m in the same boat with regards my latest tumour which is intimately entwined with 2 of the 3 Hepatic veins so everything up in the air at the moment about what is going to happen next. I had a tumour removed very close to a vein a couple of years ago and that went well so hopefully will go the same way for C too. X?

Polly 1

Thanks @Baxter2 - more cake tomorrow. Was trying to cut down a bit but hopefully will go out for a belated lunch tomorrow. Got to wait for the district nurse to flush the line first though.

@El Ivan sorry to hear about your naughty tumour. Just why cant they turn up in a clear area! Glad to hear about your previous sucessful op though.


Hello @Polly 1

Your news sounds quite positive, similarly my liver nodes are near a blood supply so have to wait a bit for surgery, just hoping no further spread issues. Good luck :x:


Good news @Polly 1 enjoy lunch tomorrow xx happy birthday to C :x:


Lovely news @Polly 1 :x::x:


@Polly 1 So glad to hear there's a very promising plan in place!!!! Happy belated birthday C and many more to come! :x::x:


@Polly 1 That sounds like good news, great to have a plan in place :x::x:


Happy birthday for yesterday C! There is a lot for you both to think about @Polly 1 but all sounding positive which is really good news. Let's hope that pesky lung nodule can be resected or even better, chemo'd into oblivion! :x::x::x:


Always better when you know the next phase/plan @Polly 1. Belated birthday greeting to C and the very best of luck for the future. Hope you enjoyed the cake! Lots of Capricorns on here, including my husband too!

7 hours is a long day for you! Our day seemed long yesterday, but it was only nearly 4 hours, but we have to return tomorrow for the pump dismantle! :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @LynneW it was 7 hours as we had to travel all the way over to Birmingham from Shropshire and the clinic was running late as well. For chemo it is usually an 8+ hour day as he is on Folfiri/Cetuximab and with travelling it takes that long to get it all through. Luckily a district nurse comes now to disconnect the pump at home.
The cake was lovely but we didn't manage to go out for lunch in the end as the nurse dosnt have a set time to come and flush the line so when she came it would've been too late for lunch.
All the best to you and your own 'Capricorn' :x::x:

Polly 1

Thanks for your good wishes @mem @Lexi @Swan @LABluebell @GD1962 @Trinity

Yes @mem hopefully the lung nodule can be eventually resected. It is in the approximate same area as the previous ones we believe so hopefully OK. We havnt seen a lung consultant since the first resection in 2016 as the oncologist keeps saying the liver is more important. Then when we finally get to see the liver surgeon he asks what we know about the lung and what is happening with that. That's the trouble with dealing with three different hospitals I think. We now have to wait while they all chat with each other which is what I thought they had done back in August and after the CT scan in November grrrrr


Sounds frustrating @Polly 1 . :x::x:


That is frustrating @Polly 1 for you both. I deal with two trusts and that can be frustrating at times, never mind three! Left and right and all that. Here's hoping you both get clarification soon and get that plan set-in-stone, the waiting (sometimes unnecessarily) is very frustrating. :x::x:


Sounds really good news @Polly 1, happy belated birthday wishes to C :x::x::x::x:


Belated birthday wishes to c @Polly 1 Great news that things are moving on for you. I do not envy you with all that travelling you both must be exhausted after a day like that. wishing you both all the best. :x::x::x:

Alan C

@Polly 1 belated birthday wishes and hope you're both recovered from the marathon at the hospital. Hope everything goes as well as it possibly can. Wishing you both all the best. :)

Polly 1

Thanks @DianeS @steve707

How are you these days? @Alan C How is the chemo going? Did you get Cetux back after your enforced break (or not NHS)?

Hopefully the side effects arent too bad for you. C's hair is definately growing back on his head now although only just. He shaves every day with an electric shaver but says there isnt a lot to come off!

All the best :x:

Alan C

@Polly 1 I'm good thanks, struggle with chemo but glad to see improvement in the last scan-long may it continue. I'm back Tuesday morning for more NHS Cetux etc. Still walking lots and just back from 8 miles in the frost.

Hair patchy but improving with regular shaving, and spots almost under control, my neck is like a red spotted scarf.

Started my first beard on one of my enforced hospital stays. It is white, patchy and longer than my head hair but managing to meet in most of the right places, it also keeps my face warm.

Best wishes to you both. :D