Life with bowel cancer


There is good news out there

My last chemo finished on the 28th November and I had a ct scan on the 11th December. Got the results today that my scan was clear and am cancer free. Best new year news I could have got.
Its been a roller coaster of a ride for the past year starting with a bowel screening test through the door. I had no symptoms but luckily I did the test and then another one, was then referred for a colonoscopy and that’s when things kicked off! Had the biggest shock of our lives.
My chemo travels haven’t gone quite to plan with problems along the way – a few trips to a and e, being admitted to hospital a couple of times and ending up with steroid induced diabetes. Ive had to have enoxaparin injections from the time of my op – all the way through. So glad they’ve now finished! I was beginning to look like a pin cushion. Instead I now have to inject insulin twice a day! Good job I don’t have a needle phobia!!
Its been tough at times but Ive been lucky having great support from friends and family and especially from the forum. Truly thankful for all the advice and support.
So I just wanted to say to anyone who is diagnosed as I was that there is always hope and strangely enough a lot of laughter (my wife says I now have a better sense of humour than I had before!).
Ive been lucky to have a great medical team. I cant fault the National Health. Im so grateful to them.
Ive been told the next 2 years are the most critical time for me but we’re going to get on with our lives as planned and Im not going to be looking over my shoulder.
So best wishes to all and I shall continue to stay part of the forum.
My histology report shows me as pT4b pN2 pNX Dukes C1. 10 out of 16 nodes positive. EMVI present.
There are dark days but I want to let people know there is always hope. Best wishes to all those still battling.
Last but not least, The Love and strength of my wife has been relentless. I am a very lucky man.


Great news well done?I love your positivity thanks for sharing your journey :x::x:


@steve707 what brilliant news :x::x:


This is lovely news ... @steve707 :x:


@steve707 brilliant news, my husband has the same histology as you and is just on cycle 2 of his chemo, I will show him your post.

Bear G

Fab news @steve707 , always fab to read this sort of update


Congratulations @steve707 , sounds like a great start to 2018!


@steve707 that is wonderful news ???


Wonderful news @steve707 so pleased for you :x:


Fabulous news @steve707, Happy New Year.:x::x:


Brilliant news @steve707. You must be so pleased. I finished chemo same time as you and its great to hear such news. My CT scan and followup colonoscopy is March. All the very very best for 2017 :x::x::x:


Fantastic news @steve707! Great start to 2018.


Thank you for sharing some of your road to recovery. Awesome news!!!

Michaels Mum

What lovely news on a miserable Monday :x:


Great news :x::x:


Fab news! :x:

Lee W

Steve, sorry for the late reply but I’m absolutely elated to see this - I’ve logged on to see your progress and we’re all genuinely over he moon, take care mate. :x:


Thanks Lee W how's your dad getting on.