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Cannabis / hemp oil - the legal stuff

Morning lovely forumites, just a quick question - what do you know about taking cannabis oil ( e.g. Charlottes web)? My friend has suggested I look into taking this as someone she knows has had a good response for a brain tumour. I have looked up the Hemp Wellness centre in Devon, but all info seems to relate to brain and breast tumours. I'm just interested in what any of you may know about this and whether it's relevant to bowel cancer and metastasis. I do know that the legal stuff is cbd oil with the part that gets you high removed.
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Bear G

Hi @Polly68

This does come up quite a lot and I’ve pasted below the position from Beating Bowel Cancer on this subject. Do take a look at the link, it provides balanced information from a reputable source.
Hope this helps

We just wanted to remind people that the use of cannabis is illegal in the UK. Whilst we encourage our members to have open discussion about their treatment, Beating Bowel Cancer cannot advocate the use of cannabis (in any form - including cannabis oil) or any other alternative treatments.
We politely ask that members refrain from discussing dosages of, and where to obtain illegal substances, as well as making any claims that these substances cure cancer. Any such posts will be edited, and possibly deleted.
Thank you for your understanding.
We would encourage everyone to read this well-balanced blog from Cancer Research UK in full:


@Polly68. @Bear G It is now possible to buy legal cannabis oil with the thc, which is the psychoactive stuff, taken out. Holland and Barrett sell it for example. My oncologist was initially very dismissive about its value, but when I also decided that it probably wasn't worth the money, he got a bit twitchy and - I paraphrase - said he had no idea why I was doing so well, and so he didn't think I should change anything I was doing. I'm still a bit dubious but it's not that expensive if it might be doing some good. Up to now my oncologist has been against anything which isn't peer reviewed so this was a bit of a change for him!


Thank you @Bear G @Barbara for your views. I'm taking a variety of vitamins to help boost my immune system and my friend was very keen for me to look into taking this too. Im still undecided as although im on a break from chemo atm i don't want to introduce anything that might upset the equilibrium. It's a tightrope we walk between what could help or possibly hinder our treatment. I am aware that some forms of cannabis oil would be illegal to take, but assumed that if there is an actual company openly selling the oil that it could be ok to take. For the mo I shall keep an open mind and do a bit more research into the benefits. P :x::x::x:


An interesting read @Highkaren thank you P xx

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wait and watch .........


I have been doing a lot of research on this matter, it does seem there is some evidence that it may help, but there is insufficient research to conclude one way or the other. CBD oil is legal in this country, but before deciding to take it please do talk to your oncologist as some things affect how your liver processes drugs and it may affect the efficacy of your chemotherapy, I am currently waiting for information from the pharmacy at the Marsden as to whether I can take CBD oil while on chemo or if I need to wait for a chemo break. I intend to take CBD oil either now or when on a break from chemo as I feel I have nothing to loose.


I asked my oncologist about this and he said i could try it without a blink.
Although saying that, I have been so swamped by messages from friends about CBD to the point it became overwhelming and I have kind of pushed the idea away.
I want to try it but I’m actually worried it could do more harm than good despite amazing claims.
It’s so tough isn’t it?


I've been using it in various forms, even some gummie bears! It did help with pain and I took less of the oral morphine.


This is the Royal Marsden's response on this topic:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the use of cannabinoids, mistletoe, siberian ginseng, turmeric, frankincense and schizandra in your patient who is receiving FOLFIRI chemotherapy.

Despite a lot of research into cancer and dietary supplements, there is not enough evidence to prove their safety and efficacy whilst having cancer treatment. There are concerns that some supplements may affect hormone-sensitive conditions, interfere with how well cancer drugs work, cause side-effects and interact with other prescribed medicines. In addition, as these products are not regulated and tested in the same way as medicines they may contain other harmful substances from the extraction or production process.

Whilst waiting the results of further research, the use of supplements cannot be recommended.

Therefore we are issuing the following advice:

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust recommends that no supplements are taken during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer.

Exceptions to this are:

• Vitamins or minerals prescribed to treat a known deficiency or as a supportive medicine for some cancer treatments.

• A multivitamin/multimineral may be appropriate if unable to eat a normal, balanced diet.

• Homeopathic medicines at certain dilutions- please contact us if you need further details.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please contact the department again if you require further advice.


Thankyou for this @Scattyblonde, I shall follow their suggestions, at least we all now know.:x::x:


Very interesting @Scattyblonde thanks for posting :x::x:


Thankyou for the tag @Bear G. Really interesting and professional advice :x::x:


Thanks for the tag @Bear G this also matches the advice given by my oncologist at the LOC, much appreciated :x::x:


@Scattyblonde . Thanks for posting and clear advice . :x::x: