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Very loose stool

Hi there, never posted before but had all but 6 inches of colon removed March 2015, due to MUYTH- associated polyposis. Discovered had Stage 3 but no after treatment necessary. Have been incredibly lucky with an average 1 to 2 bathroom trips a day with firm formed stool. This last 2 weeks stool now v loose and feel like I need to go all the time. Has anyone found anything good to firm this up please?


Hi @Lymond , aa my husband situation is different, I have no experience in your symptoms, but what I have learnt from all this is , if you’re concerned speak to your gp/ consultant or colorectal nurse ,
Good luck ,
Tracey :x:

Bear G

Hi @Lymond
You’re not alone, this sort of thing does happen to lots of us.
As @sweetcheeks suggested, it’s a good idea to get checked when there are persistent changes to your Bowel habits, especially with your background - just to be safe.
It’s almost certainly something very minor such as a dietary thing or a bug but better to know.
When this sort of thing happens I tend to keep a food diary for a few days to see if there’s an obvious trigger.
Big hugs