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General Discussion


Smelly flumps !!!!

Hello all, Geoff’s is now 5 weeks post reversal, still no improvement , latest being exceptionally smelly farts , I’m talking smell like I e never smelt before!!!! This obviously has made Geoff’s even more reluctant to do anything, for either pooping him self or stinking the place out , has anybody else had or heard of this , need we be concerned???? Or is it still part of this bloody rollercoaster!!!! :x::x::x:


Hello @sweetcheeks I’ve read your other posts and of course this one. Main message from my experience is Geoff is in very early days of the reversal. I experienced difficulties for some weeks before things settled. Please see my profile. However I tried my best to maintain a full life rather than keep on focussing on BMs. I still use loperamide just to settle bowel down if it becomes over active, that includes wind! I’m sure as time goes by things will improve for him. We need a lot of patience I’m afraid. Best wishes. :x:

david watt

@sweetcheeks farting is a good thing it means the guts are working. After my surgery my guts were inactive for 10 days and was on a liquid diet of tpn through vains. The surgeon said to me we were waiting for the first fart to see if my guts had recovered. Your husbands guts have been inactive for longer and it will take a while for the good gut bacteria to be repopulated. Perhaps something like probiotics might help. But after major surgery the guts are not always going to be as good as they used to be as there is less of them. Be greatful they work at all.


Thankyou @Chas @david watt , it is all so overwhelming, I m so worried Geoff has no appetite at all in fact the thought of food makes him feel nauseous, smelly farts, constantly running to the loo , or not going at all , he has lost so much wait, constantly exhausted we saw consultant this week , who just repeats it early days ,


Eggs? @sweetcheeks. Does your hubby eat eggs? They have a tendency to 'foment' more in reversed bowels. If hubby and you continue to suffer like this, then ask/insist on help. Him having no appetite is not good and you sound at the end of your tether. It is early days I know, but you'd like to think his appetite would have at least returned by now? :x::x:


@mem no he hasn’t eaten any eggs , it actually something I’ve encouraged as it was adviced to help , I m so worried he has never looked so poorly, the surgeon made nothing of it , I even asked about the likelihood of a recurrence and he just said the scan in may would be able to answer that question, I want Geoff to ask questions but he won’t, which makes me to continue to look like the neurotic wife


Yeah eggs may help @sweetcheeks with bowel function. I was just referring to a possible culprit of his smelly flumps. But clearly, eggs are not it, as he doesn't eat them! I also find medication to help with constipation can make things a little pongy too. Yes very frustrating for you I'm sure, but no doubt it will need to come from hubby re symptoms and appetite. You are certainly not a neurotic wife, you're living it every day too. Maybe start a diary re bowel movements, medication needed and food consumed (or not) and together, take it to your GP or the like. Would your hubby be ok with that? I think I've said this before but I really do hope things start to settle and become a little easier for you both soon :x::x:


@sweetcheeks I have not had a reversal but sometimes the wind that comes out of me would make your eyes water and could strip wallpaper!!! ??????? In terms of eating I'd say whatever he fancies little and often jelly, jelly babies and marshmallows are all good for bulking up and I found that sweet hit then made me crave something savoury and I went back and forward like that for a while post op. Calories are calories whatever form they come in :x::x::x::x:


Thankyou @fnkyf8 , Geoff does get in better snacking than with meals actually, and yep stripping wallpaper is a very accurate description !!!!! I’m not sure he is believing me when I say how I need some fresh air because I’m so hot , when the windows are open in January overnight ?!!!


You are not neurotic @sweetcheeks, you are very attentive, and I wish I had you in my corner lol. Perhaps his appetite has changed following surgery, and little and often is the way to go. I didn't have a reversal but big meals are still a no no. I have cooked myself meals and after a few mouthfuls thrown the food away. I still cannot stomach meat, of any kind, it just doesn't stay in me very long. I suppose you have tried all the build ups etc? :x::x:


@Clancy , hi , no I haven’t to be honest, Geoff’s not at all concerned about his eating, if I look back his appetite had been becoming less over the last couple of years , chicken and egg situation, was it because he had the cancer? And we didn’t know it , or simply post op , it wasn’t this bad after his resection,
Im trying to step back , but all my niggling demons keep rearing their ugly heads , but this smelly ?? , have only started the last two days ,
I was worried incase it was some sort of infection, but I need Geoff to contact the doctor, which he won’t!!!
Tracey :x::x::x::x: